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4rth grade social studies assiment

No description

juan cervantes

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of 4rth grade social studies assiment

a. What sort of chores did the Indians have?
Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
How did the spanish decide to colonize California?
A presidio is a fort.
What is a pueblo and who lived there?
By JuanC
Why did the spanish want to colonize California?
The spanish feared that Russia would set up a colony in California
What was the relationship between Indians,Soldiers,presidios and the missionaries Junipero Serra?
What was life like on the missions?
What is a presidio,and who lived there and what did they do?
A pueblo is a town or village.
They wanted span's power and wealth to grow.
They hoped the settlers cold keep other European countries out of California.
California Indians did most of the work of building missions.
California Indians had used for hunting and gathering.
b.What did the missionaries do in the missions?[What were they reasponsible for?
The missionaries believed that farming was a better way of hunting and gathering.
They were reasponsible to teach a religion.
California Indians lived in the presidio.
They build foets inSan Diego,Monterey,San francisco, and Santa Barbra.
Describe a California rancho and who lived there?
A rancho was a cattle ranch.
Some California indians who had farmed and herded on the missions stayed to work on ranchos.
Four years later,eleven familieswith children received land to found the pueblo of Los Angeles
How did the missionaries decide where to build a mission?
Soldiers,Sailors,and Settlers also joined the Expiocition.
a.What were some of the items the made and sold?
They wanted to make missions in California.
b.How did the missions spread Catholicism in California?
They build the Catholicism in California.
social studies assigment
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