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Historical Fiction

No description

Meaghan Ames

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction
What is Historical Fiction?
Historical fiction refers to literature that is fictional but based on real times and places. The typical expectations is that the historical elements to the story are authentic not fiction.

How can Historical Fiction be Used?
Information gathering
A way to connect to the time period
Characteristics of Historical Fiction
It has a historical setting (time and place)
The characters should be similar to people during the time period and may actually be about a certain important person (i.e. the new movie Lincoln is about President Abraham Lincoln)
The historical elements should be accurate
The culture of the time period should be accurate
The plot (or story line) may be fictional but must follow with history

One of our most favorite movies is James Cameron's Titanic.
To Summarize...
Historical Fiction has a combination of FACT and FICTION.
What is fact and what is fiction?
Historical setting (time and place) = fact

Characters = Jack and Rose are fictional although there were first class and third class passengers aboard the ship

Historical elements (the ship hit an iceberg, the Titanic sank, women and children got off the boat first, there were many lives lots) are accurate

The culture of the time period – people were expected to marry in their social class, women were to listen to men

The plot (or story line) – There was no love affair between a third class and first class passenger

As a reader, you must decide what is fact and what is fiction.
Historical Fiction can help you learn about the past while enjoying a good story!
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