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Fall '15 Matador Nights Volunteer Training

No description

Tania Dominguez

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Fall '15 Matador Nights Volunteer Training

Matador Nights Fall 2015
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
See You On
September 4, 2015

Thank You
For Coming!!

Clip of Matador Nights

Be Attentive
Be Knowledgeable of the area
Be Knowledgeable of the activities provided
Understand proper procedures
Know WHO You report to
Don’t OVER Commit
Happy to be here, Easy to work with...


Be sure your tone of voice is Non-Defensive
Be Energetic
Be Expressive
Be Approachable
Be Happy


September 4, 2015
From 9pm-1am

Shifts Available
Sep. 3:
5:00pm - 9:00pm
Sep. 4:
1:00pm – 4:30pm
4:00pm – 7:30pm
7:30pm – 11:00pm
11:00 pm – 2:00 am

University Student Union

University Student Union
The 24th Installment of Matador Nights
Shifts and Duties
Customer Service
Clip of Last Semester’s Matador Nights

Today’s Schedule


Why no guests?
What if a person gets sick/injured?
What do I do if I have a personal emergency?
Will I get a break?
What if I have to leave before the end of my shift?
What other questions do you have?

Service Mentality

In case of EMERGENCY

Remain calm and know your role!
Locate someone with a headset and or red shirt so that they can contact the Police on site.
Wait for further instructions.
Upon word from incident command that the event is cancelled, you will be notified to begin motioning everyone to the main exit towards the SRC.
Everyone needs to be out ASAP, safety is the top priority.

If attending the event
If your shift ends before the event starts, you will need to exit and wait in line in order to enter as a guest.
If your shift ends after the event has begun, you will need to return your pass and check out and gain clearance to attend the event.
You MUST have your ID and Ticket

What to expect

On the day of, everyone will receive:
A map
A volunteer pass
Dinner: Pizza, snacks, drinks

Please Remember:
Wear comfortable shoes
Bring a jacket or wear long sleeves
Pack Light - do NOT bring purses, handbags, backpacks, laser pointers, stickers, makeup, scooters, illegal substances, weapons, etc.
Just bring necessary items such as keys, CSUN ID & phone

Check In/Out

The day of the event all volunteers will need to check in and out.
Everyone will receive a Volunteer Pass upon check in.
Passes will give you access to the C. Richard Scott - TV Lounge which will be our Volunteer headquarters
The passes may NOT be used to gain entry into Green Rooms or USU Events area
Feel free to keep your volunteer pass after your shift is done.

Set-Up: decorations and props
Line Management
Waivers: having students sign contracts for our rides
Floaters: volunteers that do not have specific job duties; place wherever needed the most
Clean-Up: putting everything away after event is done

Job Duties

Time & Date

What to expect

This event is an awesome opportunity to introduce students to living the Matador life!
Special guest DJ
Casino tables
Laser Tag
Tarot Readers
Caricature Artist
Glitter Tattoos
Ferris Wheel & Gravitron
Craft Corner
Hot Dogs
And Much More!
The 24th Installment

MATADOR NIGHTS has been a staple event of the USU and CSUN since 2006
Theme: Intergalactic
The goal of Matador Nights is to provide the students with a safe and fun filled night of entertainment, attractions, and food!

University Student Union

Campus Auxiliary
Premiere location for Events and Services on Campus
Over 100 events a year from Noontime Concerts to Carnaval
Matador Nights is the biggest event we host
The USU prides itself on providing events and services for students, by students

Five Methods of Communication
Tone of Voice
Body Language


Volunteers play a huge role in the success of this event
We would not be capable of executing this event without your help.
Many students who have volunteered at our event have later come to work in the Union.
A great way to connect to the campus & meet other students with similar interests
Volunteers will be placed according to shifts
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