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Tupi Tribe

No description

lauren michal

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Tupi Tribe

Location of Culture
Physical Environment
The Tupi were believed to be the first indigenous tribe settled in the Amazon Rain Forest, living in the Amazon River Valley.
Interaction with Environment
Origin of Culture
The Tupi tribe are portuguese, originating from Portugal and in 1500 migrated to South America.
Tupi or Not Tupi
the Tupi Tribe
by: Lauren Cervera and Marissa Daum
Migrating from Portugal the Tupi tribe spread southward from Brazil in the Amazon Rain Forest to south eastern Bolivia 2,900 years ago.
Important People Associated with Tupi Tribe
Sweet potatoes
Cabeza de Vaca arrived in Santa Catarina in 1541
and attempted to ban the Tupi tribe's cannibalistic rituals.
Basic Beliefs
Pray through song, dance, and speech for good harvest and rain.
Cannibalistic rituals
Believed in some Christianity
Had Jesuit Missionaries
Also were Mythological to some extent.
Political Motivations
Each village contains 20-200 people and have one leader per village.
Have spiritual and political leaders.
Spritiual and politcal leaders are similar to a monarchy.
Economic Activities
Stone workers and Potters
Family Beliefs
Foods and Rituals
Preform spiritual rain dances for good agriculture.
Cannibalistic rituals and sacarfices.
Arts and Music
Music for prayer and rain dances
Dance for good harvest, family problems, and other important events/happenings
Adaption to Modern Society
The Tupi tribe still lives in their old ways, not contributing to modern society
Random Facts
Southern-most culture
Wear nothing besides skin dye and feathers
Still around today
Spread over time
A Tupi tribe settlement is called a Tekao and each extended tribe/family have its one spiritual leader and is exrcised by the grandfather or grandmother.
The Tupi tribes native language since from migrating to Brazil is called lingua brasilica which is Portuguese for Brazilian language.
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