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Kerry Express Internship

No description

Lai Yi Siu

on 2 August 2016

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Transcript of Kerry Express Internship

a. Perception of Kerry Express
b. People & Working Environment
c. DC, office, Hub and Parcel shop visit
d.Projects and Tasks
e. Gain from Work
f. Culture Explore
g. Suggestions
h. Conclusion

c. People & Working Environment
b. DC, office, Hub and Parcel shop visit
g. Suggestion 
(Learning Program)
a. Perception of Kerry Express
Kerry :
Kerry Properties Limited 
Kerry Logistics
South China Morning Post 

Some delivery boy send parcels to your home,
they charge you , you sign, transaction done! 

Jun 14th 2016 to Aug 4th 2016
d.Projects and Tasks
Parcel Shop
Drop-off Project
Locker Project
Eastern DCs Auditing
Line-pay Contract
1. Discuss and work out with parcel shop evaluation form

2. Audit in some of the parcel shops

3. Modify the English version of KETH Parcel Shop Manual

1. Participate in Kiosk Machine interface design

2. List out the budget of Kiosk Machine

3. Search the procurement option of USB Port

Response for auditing IT facilities within six DCs
Understand and summarize the terms of Line-pay coordination contract

1. Discuss and work out with parcel shop evaluation form
Parcel Shop
Parcel Shop
2. Audit in some of the parcel shops
The shop is too small and have not enough place to stock parcels
Waiting time of customer is too long
Franchisee cheat with parcel price ( XL count for L)
Staff's 阿appearance not fulfill Kerry standard
Staff don't wear shoes
CCTV camera blocked by parcels
Parcel Shop
2. Audit in some of the parcel shops
Sign board with clear company image
Staffs are kind and willing to help customers
Charging price is explicit in each parcel shop
Show boxes in different size with different price
Store corrugated box properly with adequate reserves
loading process can be finished on time
Parcel Shop
3. Modify the English version of KETH Parcel Shop Manual
Drop-off Project
Drop-off Project
Drop-off Project
Drop-off Project
1. Participate in Kiosk Machine interface design
Jul 4th:
P.chi introduced the drop-off project in detailed
Learn to think the drop-off working process in a merchant user's perspective of view.

Jul 5th- Jul 11th:
Heard different comments and suggestions about interface design from managers and designers.
Edited PPT 5 times in order to Improve the draft continuously.
Learn to make things more simple and make the interface more uses-friendly.
Draft -> Finalized Version
It is so excited that some of my ideas may become true after working with designers and the hard work of progarammers.
2. List out the budget of Kiosk Machine
3. Search the procurement option of USB Port
Learn to compare the function and pros & Cons of different models
Up to Jul 27th, the first Kiosk Machine has been set up in Asoke parcel shop.
User feedback is considered to be important for the further implementation of Kiosk Machine drop-off service . Some trainning also need to be given to the pick-up staffs.
I was fortunate to be able to see the whole process of drop-off project and learn from practice.
If there is no 批professional spirit and high team work capability, the 'baby' Kiosk Machine will not give birth.
Proofread the manual and learn the daily operation process of parcel shop as well
Locker Project
1. Discuss the working process of locker project
The whole process has been discussed during last Thur & Fri's meeting.
Locker Project
e. Gain From Work
Support Process
Christina Siu
f. Culture Explore
h. Conclusion
For overseas internship students, we not only pursue working experience, but also explore the local culture.
Key words in mind:
Temple (Wat)
Elephant (Chang)
Spicy and sour food
Beach & sunshine

I am in charge of the support process which is related to support team 2,and tried to design the cash management worksheet.
the working process of cash management in detail
1. Discuss the working process of Locker project

2. Design the excel worksheet  about backup service of locker cash payment and reimbursement. 
2. Excel Worksheet of Money Transaction
Eastern DCs Auditing
On Jul 20th & 21stะ, we followed Edmond and P.Sudarat's team go to upcountry to do audit work.We went to CHI, KLG,MKC,MRY, MTP & TRA DCs

The people developmemt department interviewed the staffs and the staffs are request to fill in an evaluation form. The QRM department checked every detailes about the DCs arrangement and staffs' conduct. Jodie and me response for 
checking IT facilities. (like Asset ID and Internet speed etc.)
That was a long trip and the van bumped along the road, but we still attracted by the beautiful view .
Eastern DCs Auditing
Eastern DCs Auditing
The most enjoyable thing is work while traveling. We also went to Chang Island by boat, everyone enjoyed the beautiful seaview.
Line-pay Contract
On mid of July, P.Jo assigned me a task that related to Line-pay terms of service for platform operators.

I trried to summarize the contents and understand the differnt right and obligations of Rabbit-Line Pay Company Limited and Platform Operator.
Experience is always the best teacher.
Learn from supervisor's instructions.
Learn from problem solving in daily work.
Learn from making mistakes.

Strenthern my soft skills.
Teamwork and collaboration

Kerry Express
Kerry Express X Lazada Friendly Footbal Match
What is it really like? How 're the managers and staffs there?
In first 3 weeks of internship, we visited a lot of working places.
First impression:
Kind, always keep smile & very polite
Custmer oriented
Teamwork spirit

Honesty, Inovative,Service Mind,Team work,Execution and be Positive.

Working Environment:
Transparent & Open Communication
Training & Development-Focused
Recognition for Hard Work
Strong Team Spirit

Learning Schedule
3 weeks workplaces visit + 4 weeks follow project group + 1 week summary and report back  
first 3 weeks , the work arrangement is not such efficient  
Recommend to shortern the time to 1.5-2 weeks.

Time flies, we already worked in Kerry Express for almost 2 months. We met a lot of nice people here and enjoy the time working, learning and traveling im Thailand.

Thanks for all of you taking care of us and introduce wonderful worth-visit places to us and bring us to have local food. I am so lucky 
to be one of the member of Kerry express and feel so proud to work with you guys during this summer vocation!

Kob Khun Ka
Thank You !
Customer cannot reach the locker because safeguard do not allow
- Contact the owner of condominium and ask for visitor card enable access.
- Kerry should put the above as remarks and show it in the application.

Customer do not pack the parcel when arrive the locker
- 200 THB surcharge
- Call customers to reject the package or repack

Customer cannot open the door that assigned by locker system
- Add reopen button
- If still cannot open, system will reassign a locker next door

1) Expand the pacel shops that have higher volume of parcels

2) Kiosk Machie may help to reduce the waiting time

3) Give out a warning when we find out Franchisee cheat for price. If they do so too many times, we imposed a fine on them.

4) For staffs image, we may give out more guidlines and send periodicals to point out the typical case

5) Notice the parcel shop to prevent parcels cover the CCTV camera

Problems may arise from locker service
Money change system
If have not enough change for customers?
How to make sure the money safty from delivery until fill in the chash slot?
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