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Annelies Reynolds

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology-logo

Annelies Reynolds:
Technology design brief Design Brief In Term 3 of Technology we are creating a logo and swing tag of our own choice. This logo has to be for a brand of clothing. We are also presenting our folio on Prezi (for some of use this is hard as we have never used Prezi before). Design Limitations Time is a big issue in this project as it is due in week 9, and between now and then we have carnivals, band camp and house day, which means we loose a few lessons. Another limitation is the distractions around us, the people we sit with as well as talk to (then there are the people who ask for your help). It also takes time designing our clothing brands, the shape and size, what the logo is going to be for e.g women, men, babies, sport. Many things can limit us during this. Criteria For Success to get a good mark I will want to make sure my work is complete but not just complete but also that i have competed it on time. I will make sure I put all of my effort into my work at all times and especially into my clothing logo. I will need to make sure that if i miss any lessons i will have to catch up on the work we've previously done. Time Management Plan Logo Research table P.M.I on my Logo's P. It looks interesting, its creative as its in bubble writing.
M. The 'O' 's should all be the same size and shape.
I. the bubbles inside B and the O, it adds an effect. P. Its tall and thin, and stands out to the human eye.
M. Its plain and a bit boring. its just a normal font
I. It has no colour but it still looks good in black and white P. It like how the 'H' is under both 'O' s.
M. You cant really tell from the logo that its a baby brand.
I. The writing is big and bold P. The writing is fancy and creative.
M. I personally don't like the writing of the logo.
I. The lines above the 'o' s, and the swirls on the 'b' and 'h'. P. I like the font of this logo, the 'b' really stands out.
M. The the 'o' s are different, the "hoo" has a line connecting them and the "boo" doesn't.
I. The font is really creative, but then again there is no colour. Final design
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