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Best PR Campaign

EcoSport Global Reveal

Shams Zuberi

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Best PR Campaign

Global Reveal of Ford EcoSport Auto Expo 2012, New Delhi EcoSport Global Reveal
The Genesis Ford Motor Company made a strategic decision to make Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi the center stage for the high profile unveiling of the Ford EcoSport.
But breaking through the clutter would be the biggest challenge… Over 2 million visitors 32 Product launches 60+ Global brands A Challenge Made Tougher To make Ford and the EcoSport stand out amidst all the clutter, both in the media space and the consumer mind space would be a challenge that was made harder by competitors relying on celebrity brand ambassadors to promote their products To create real and memorable experiences aimed at driving and influencing purchase consideration, using real people who are communicating in real time Objective Approach The Teaser Campaign Positioned as Urban Explorer 2 Teaser Video without the Product image
Viewers were ask to join us at Auto Expo for the reveal 1,500 views On first day of Global Reveal Tease Roving Reporters Engage & Elevate Ford India recruited roving reporters
Fans registered on Ford India facebook page and were connected with Radio Frequency Identification Enabled(RFID) Wristband
Wristband were used to give live updates from Ford india stall at Auto Expo 677,947 impressions
3,500 updates
2,000+ check-ins 1,000+ roving reporters and fans Global Reveal for Media Break away from the crowded field of competitors Strategic decision to reveal to Global media one day prior to the Auto ExpoFord president and CEO Alan Mulally and his global leadership team gave the media the first ever view of the Ford EcoSport
Announced the revolutionary EcoBoost petrol engine 5500 Global
media stories 350 global media Reveal Real Time Updates Attract Enhance product visibility Reveal was showcased real time through Livestream.com on Ford India’s social media channels
Real time video updates were also carried out on prominent third party web portals with sizeable fan followings 28,000 views Video update on
Livestream.com Reveal at Auto Expo The Differentiators Engage Engage the public and sensitise them to the Ford EcoSport’s product truths EcoSport Game: Visitors could take control of the all-new Ford EcoSport with a motion sensing camera
3D Theatre: This showcased the technologies Ford uses for designing, developing and engineering the vehicleTouch Tables: Innovative interactive displays where visitors could experience the quality and craftsmanship of materials in the EcoSport
Safe Driving Challenge: Visitors participated in an interactive safe driving competition Taking community building to a new level: Community of passive and reactionary fans to transform them into active agents
Engaging visitors to showcase Ford strengths Timing of Initiatives Teaser released on Youtube a week in advance
Global reveal to media a day prior to Auto Expo Global leadership presence Presence of Ford’s global leadership helped attract global media presence Traditional Media Number 1 among all launch - NDTV
EcoSport among six best unveiling at Auto Expo - CNBC TV
Generated maximum share of voice on first day - Impact research and Measurement
Nearly half of the audience (800 people) was able to recall specific information about Ford EcoSport - Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates
900 stories in media across the world
350 journalists representing global media
Ford was the most recalled brand of all the car companies at Expo. Social Media Total engagement on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube was 1,840,837 impressions
Ecosport became a trending topic on Twitter, generating 94,956 impressions
90,000 views of EcoSport Reveal video on YouTube with 20,000 views on Day 1
1,500 views of ‘Drive Like Never Before’ teaser videos on first day
1,000 Roving Reporters created over 2,000 check-ins and 3,500 posts leading to 677,947 impressions
28,000 views of Reveal video on Livestream.com Ford EcoSport ranked number one among all launches at the Auto Expo 2012 ~ NDTV
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