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Portfolio Presentation


Ben Hamm

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Portfolio Presentation

Planning & Preparation
The Classroom Environment
Instruction Professional Responsibilities NYS Code of Ethics for Educators:
Principle 1- Educators nurture the intellect, physical, emotional, social & civic potential of each student. NYS Code of Ethics for Educators:
Principle 3- Educators commit to their own learning in order to develop their practice.
Principle 4- Educators collaborate with colleagues and other professionals in the interest of student learning.
Principle 5- Educators collaborate wth parents & community, building trust and respecting confidentiality. Believe in Yourself NYS Code of Ethics for Educators:
Principle 2- Educators create, support, & maintain challenging learning environments for all. NYS Code of Ethics for Educators:
Principle 6- Educators advance the intellectual and ethical foundation of the learning community. Believe in yourself
to the depth of your being.
Nourish your talents
your spirit is freeing.

Know in your heart
when the going gets slow
that your faith in yourself
will conitinue to grow.

Don't forfeit ambition
when others may doubt.
It's your life to live-
You must live it throughout.

Learn from your errors-
Don't dwell in the past.
Never withdraw
from a world that is vast.

Believe in yourself;
Find the best that is you.
Let your spirit prevail;
Steer a course that is true.

-Bruce B. Wilmer "Through making the student successful,
I am successful." Know my name. Safe place. Learning outside the classroom. "The most successful teacher, are the ones who accept their students as worthwile individuals & make the students conscious of this acceptance." Coaching "Athletics don't build character, they reveal it. Dig deep and have some pride." Extracurricular
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