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Divergent prezi

A prezi about Divergent

Nathan Muza

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Divergent prezi

DIVERGENT Exposition- Tris is a 16 year old girl
who lives in a faction that goes by the name
of Abnegation. Abnegation is a faction that
has to follow one rule, which is to be selfless. Rising action Tris has overcome the first part of initiation, in witch she had to jump off of a building. Tris wants to join a faction called dauntless
and to do this she must participate in initiation. Tris now has to recieve an injection
to test her fears, and in order to wake
up she must calm down. Now all the initiates have to enter
the combat arena, in which they must battle each other and score better than everyone else to move on. Peter wins the score board but Tris is
happy because since she is in the top 10,
she gets to move on. They continue to recieve injections to make them encounter their worse fears. Later on Tris, Four and the other initiates play a paintball game for fun. CLIMAX During the paintball game Tris climbs a ferris wheel. Four follows her. They spot the paintball base. At that moment something "clicks" and they realize their feelings for each other. The initiates continue to receive injections. RESOLUTION- The war starts between the Eurodite and Abnegation. Tris and four are involved romanticly and are fighting against the eurodite to try and bring peace back to Dauntless and Abnegation. Falling action Then Tris must enter the fear room.
Which is a room in which she must face
her fears in front of all the Dauntless
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