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Self Harm

No description

jamie adams

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Self Harm

Who's At Risk?
Almost every age group is potentially at risk, but it is most common between people of the age 15-35, and it is 20% more common in women then men.
Hospitalization of individuals was highest in teenage girls, 4.2% of those cases where considered “High threat to life”.

The amount of young adolescents self harming is rising fast and social networks are being blamed.

As much as the internet is being blamed there are more problems such as Family and School.
What is Self harm?
A call for Help or attention seeking?
Trough the eyes of a self harmer.
“Self harm is one of the darkest things you could do to yourself."

“My escape and release was a blade, please don’t ever take up horrible addiction of self harm. Its one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.”
Why do adolescence Self Harm?
Self harm is purposely causing injury to ones self, to cope with difficult and painful feelings.
Trigger Warning.
How Does it Start?
There are several strong signs of potential self harm.

Should you notice these signs, don't jump to the conclusion of self harm, but try to monitor it as much as possible.
Not everyone is lucky enough to recover from self harm; some people sadly fall to the worst outcome of self harm, Suicide.

Luckily most people who suffer from self harm do slowly recover form the addiction and become better.
By Jamie, Andy And Scott
Self harm is no joke, or to be taken non-seriously.

Self harm is a huge cry for help, regardless of if it's made publicly known or not.
Self harm is a very big problem to the human health each day there’s millions of people around the world using pain and hurting themselves to feel better. There’s has to be better ways to let out your pain. These kids feel so alone and are pushed so far that they feel the need to hurt themselves to feel good, to feel better. We need to take action to help them, to reach out to them and make them know they are not alone, we may not know what their going through, it’s unimaginable. But we need to help them. Around the world we are slowly taking action with help lines and centers, even people on social networks have reached out to them helping them and its working but not enough.
Justaskinnyboy (youtube) posted this video after his Multiple videos to help those who self harm
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