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Bright Futures Presentation - September 2015

for The University in the Anthropocene: Higher Education and Community Engagement in Environmental Management, RGS-IBG Annual Conference in Exeter

Cherish Watton

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Bright Futures Presentation - September 2015

The University in the Anthropocene:
Higher Education and Community Engagement in Environmental Management

Cherish Watton
Young Social Entrepreneur
Consultant, Cherish Watton Enterprises

Rebecca Farnum
2012 Marshall Scholar

High Schools
Local Renewable Energy Provider
For high school students, Bright Futures provides the opportunity to:
Develop and pursue interests in environmental issues and action within their own school
Work and learn from university students
Develop employability skills
Earn money through paid consultancy work after the programme
Participate in extra curricular activities of benefit to their university application and CV
Meet like-minded students
Learn in a different and inspiring environment
For Sheringham Shoal, Bright Futures provides the opportunity to:
Share their cutting edge work
Provide an insight into the career routes
Meet their own objectives of fostering greater relations with the local area
Benefit from high school and university students evaluating the outcomes of grants awarded from their Community Fund
Resource Efficiency & Skills Based
Residential Programme
2 ½ day residential programme
aimed at
high school / college students

Focuses on
energy reduction and
real-life consultancy opportunities

Brings together a number of different groups;

high school students
university students
local businesses

A unique programme for three reasons:

Energy and resource management as relevant contexts to develop young peoples’ knowledge and skills for the green economy.

Mentoring takes place at every level.

Real life paid evaluation consultancy work
experiences which greatly enhances their aspirations and prospects towards further education and employability
A Norfolk Case-Study:
An International Perspective

What is Bright Futures?
Programme Participants
Sponsor &
Guest Speaker
Norfolk Partners
International Partners
High School Students
For high school students, Bright Futures provides the opportunity to:
Develop and pursue interests in environmental issues
Develop use of English
Find out more about British culture and the university experience
Develop employability skills
Participate in extra curricular activities
Meet other like-minded students
Learn in a different and inspiring environment
American Marshall Scholars
For Marshall Scholars, Bright Futures provides the opportunity to:
Work with partners in different areas of the country
Meet and work with students of different ages
Share their subject expertise and experiences of higher education with high school students
Network and meet local businesses and interested parties
Run workshops
Programme Participants
Programme Mentors
Outcomes and Spin Offs
Post Programme

UEA students go into high schools to support high school students to:

run environmental campaigns
in their schools and communities (for example local primary schools)
evaluate the impact of grants
awarded for renewable projects.

This work is supported by
Norfolk County Council's Environmental and Outdoor Learning Team
; support in terms of
providing experiences for professional development as well as funding.


UEA forming
greater partnerships
with their local high schools and communities

University students and high students gaining paid work -
real life experiences of contributing to the green economy

Reflections From University Perspective...
Carbon Reduction Mentor Fund
This NCC fund will build capacity at the most pro-active and informed level - it
rewards hardworking young people who have a proven record in enabling sustained energy reduction

The fund is aimed at people aged from 14 - 25 and will be
crucial in showing how NCC is providing paid work in their local area, which supports their own personal skills development.
At the same time, young people will also be playing a
vital role within the growing green economy in our region
"That if they [students] get the opportunity to do it [attend Bright Futures] they should do it. It gives you important knowledge and experiences that will be useful in life"
"It’s really helpful and you understand the uses of the environment"
"It is a brilliant opportunity to learn essential life lessons"
"My favourite part was getting to know the mentors and learning from them"
What 3 words would you choose to describe your visit to Holt Hall?
"Having the UEA students around and on our levels as well as helping us, as they are very approachable and willing to help" (High school student)
"The synergy between pupils and uni team was inspirational"

"The involvement of the UEA students adds a link to HE and raised aspirations" (Invited guests)
"The Marshall Scholarship scheme is about making lasting links between the US and UK. For many Marshall Scholars, their time volunteering at Holt Hall with British schoolchildren is the highlight of their time in the UK"
(Rebecca Farnum, 2012 Marshall Scholar)
"What to say about my time at Holt Hall? Let’s say life-changing" (University student)

"The program sounds like a smashing success! The entire board was quite impressed with the work on the DESiGN program."
(Association of Marshall Scholars)
24 Norfolk students from Years 6-10 came to Holt Hall for three days of:
outdoor exploration
leadership and communication skills building
environmental education
community engagement action planning
and fun!

11 Marshall Scholars
2 University of East Anglia undergraduates,
2 Springwood maths teachers
3 Norfolk County Council instructors, and several Holt Hall staff.

"I loved it all!! I have met so many fab people and will keep with me so many wonderful memories!! I really enjoyed it and couldn't have spent my weekend in a better way. I am so glad I took part in DESiGN. If another camp of the similar kind is organised please can you let me know as I would love to come and join in."

"Thanks again for an awesome weekend its was really fun and I learnt a lot."

"Thank you, will always remember this weekend!!"
Bright Futures


Carbon Reduction Mentor Fund

All of the above programmes were made possible by
Holt Hall
University Students
For university students, Bright Futures provides the opportunity to:
Share their subject expertise and experiences
Develop their own employability skills
Network and meet local businesses and interested parties
Earn money through either:-
leading high school students through paid consultancy work
supporting students in running their environmental campaigns
Enjoy the experience of a rich and diverse residential programme
Programme Mentors

Web Design

Project Management
High quality residential and day visit experiences to schools, colleges and universities.

Team's work and programmes focus on using Environmental and Outdoor Learning as relevant contexts for;

- raising achievement
- aspiration
- skills development
Adapted from presentation for Association of Commonwealth Universities’ “Beyond 2015” Campaign addressing
Question 4: What partnerships should universities establish to achieve their objectives?
Student Perspective
Staff Perspective
“A thoroughly inspiring, motivating, fun course that developed the students far beyond the advertised aims.”

Stuart Wilson, Deputy Headteacher, Litcham School
"Bright Futures brought geographical studies to life, through the application of carbon reduction initiatives for the benefit of their local community."

Colin Bye, Head of Goegraphy, Head of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, Fakenham Academy, Norfolk and Fakenham College
"I think that this is a valuable experience that should be offered to more pupils; when we become adults sustainability will be our problem, and it’s important that we have the chance to understand it more now."

College Student
Holt Hall
Energy and resource management contexts
Multi-tiered and international mentoring and collaboration
Inspiring follow-up opportunities in the green economy
Win-Win for all involved

How can university engagement with schools be continued effectively in the long-term?
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