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High-Impact Interview Questions

Greatly improve your ability to identify the ideal person for your available position.

David Searns

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of High-Impact Interview Questions

"How would you become a continuous learning expert?"
Determine his understanding of key knowledge areas.
Determine how forward-looking the candidate is, and whether or not she has a plan for the future.
Not making exceptional hires?
Questions relating to
an individual's ability
to learn
and adapt
Interview Questions

Maybe your questions are not designed to identify the ideal candidate.
Common Problems with Standard Questions

Most candidates already have well rehearsed answers to standard questions. These answers do little to reveal how well a candidate thinks on his feet.
Looking for a
These 4 questions illicit responses to help you quickly identify the best candidate
for the job.
This is a question for currently employed candidates.
Gauge critical thinking skills.
A response indicating the candidate:
Interviewing is an
imprecise process.
Questions relating to how a candidate identifies
and solves
real problems
Questions that demonstrate how forward-looking a candidate is
Interview questions
focus on past events.

You need to know
how candidates will perform
in your company today.
"Can you identify
the likely problems
in this process?"
Give the candidate
a flawed process, and
ask him to predict where problems might occur.
A response that identifies a real problem you're having.

Knows how to acquire that knowledge.
Questions that engage the candidate and require him to think
on his feet
Questions that reveal
a candidate's
true character
You'll identify the right person for the job
The people with whom she'll consult.
The internet has made most standard interview questions easily available to the public.
Top candidates find routine questions boring. They don't allow superstars to demonstrate their:
But, by asking:
– and ultimately make a better hire!
How to use this question:
The right answer?
Determine how well a candidate can analyze a process and spot areas for improvement.

Ask him to explain how he would stay on the leading edge of new knowledge in this area.
Understand the importance the candidate places on continuous learning.
How to use this question:
The right answer?
Ask the candidate to select a relevant subject matter area.
A response which shows that the interviewee:
Makes ongoing learning a priority.
Understands the subject matter areas he needs to stay on top of.
"What is your plan for this job?"
How to use this question:
The right answer?
"We are eager to fill this position.
How soon could
you start?"
How to use this question:
The right answer?
Ask the candidate to imagine the first six months on the job and have her outline a plan for:
The metrics she will examine.
The knowledge she'll need to acquire.
The problems she will solve.
Assess the individual's character, work ethic and loyalty.
A response that shows the candidate:
Understands his responsibility to his current employer.
Will do the right thing by giving reasonable notice.
Has thought through her new role.
Understands the challenges she'll likely face.
Can formulate a plan to address those challenges.
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