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Health on the Appalachain Trial.

How to keep yourself and others safe while on the trial. This is going to teach you what to bring so that you do not get in any kind of sickness and you can continue on the trial.

Katelyn Rheault

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Health on the Appalachain Trial.

HEALTH ON THE APPALACHIAN TRIAL. . On the trial you can run into a lot of problems for example:
Poison ivy,
and many other things.
In an emergency, how do
I get help?

Most of the AT you are in range of
mobile phone services, they may have bad
reception,but where there is bad service they are
usually shelters around so that you can get help as
soon as you get there.
A cold rain can be the most dangerous
weather of all because you can get all cold
and wet and your clothes get wet and then you
are cold done to the bone until it stops raining
and your clothes are dried completely.
Also you can get this condition by is being
freezing out and you are wet. Death will
happen if the condition is not caught in time. Heat.
Many hikers face the danger of heat stroke
and heat exhaustion if they havent taken proper
precautions. The best way to avoid these weather-
related weathers is to drink plenty of water and
to wear a hat and sunscreen. Presentation by,
Katelyn Rheault There are many things that can harm you in many different ways,
but some people think that some of them are not true becuase there
are hard to believe that they can happen to people, but they can. Like
some people say dont doubt anything.
Poison Ivy.
When you have poison ivy
you should have cream to treatit
and keep away from other people as
much as you can and try to let people know
that you have it so they will stay away.
You are allowed to hunt
on the trial, but you have
to make sure that people
are wearing bright colors
and that they know that you
are hunting and do not hunt at
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