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Car Review: Porsche 911(991)

No description

Misaal Mehboob

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Car Review: Porsche 911(991)

Porsche 911(991) model
Famous Porsche logo
The Porsche 911(991)'s interior (controls)
The Car I'm reviewing today is the Porsche 911(991). This car has become very popular all over the world, and is considered one of the best sports cars in the world today. This car was originally manufactured in Germany. The Porsche 911 (991) is popular for it's iconic history, its tradition, and its innovation.
Facts & Opinions
There are many facts and many opinions mentioned in this review about the Porsche 911(991). We are going to try to recognize the facts from the opinions in this review:

is a specific detail that is true based on objective proof. A fact can be proven true or false.

The Porsche 911(991) is partly made of aluminum
The car has large storage compartments in each door. The car has many storage compartments
The Porsche 911(991) can go 34 mpg
The Porsche 911(991) has 3.8 litres engine
The car has 6 airbags
The Porsche 911(991) has 400 horsepower in the engine, and the car can go 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds
The Porsche 911(991) has a 7 speed manual gear box
The car has the top track speed of 189 mph.
The Porsche 911(991) has a electric power system
The Porsche 911(991) costs 70 000 pounds: $ 112,976.
The Porsche 911(991) has a rear-wheel drive.
The Porsche 911(991) has a engine noise button, climate control, leather interior, sport seats, and a navigation system with bluetooth and satellite navagation.

Facts & Opinions
There are many opinions mentioned in this car review about the Porsche 911(991).

is an interpretation, value, judgement, or belief that cannot be proven true or false.

One opinion in this review was that the Porsche 911(991) is
than before. This is an opinion because not everyone might agree and because it is a belief.
Another opinion is that the Porsche 911(991) has the
traction control system of any car ever made.
A big opinion was that the Porsche 911(991) is an expensive car, and for such an expensive car it wasn't as head-turning(attractive) as a Audi R8.
Another opinion is that the Maserati Gran Turismo is a much
car for carrying people comfortably in the back
Another big opinion is when the reviewer said that the Porsche 911(991) is the
orion sports car in the world.

Big signs of when statements or phrases are opinions are words like:

-best, -better
-never, - always
-believe, - think
-most, -more

Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is a tool by which one can come about reasoned conclusions based on a reasoned process. Critical thinking is when people make smart decisions or conclusions by weighing the advantages and the disadvantages. Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally.
If I was a hopeful car buyer, and I was deciding on which car to buy, I would have to use critical thinking. I would have to be able to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of the car and make a rational decision. If I was thinking of buying a Porsche 911(991) by using critical thinking I would be able to come to a reasonable conclusion. Using critical thinking I am able to conclude that I would not buy the Porsche 911(991) because:
1. It can't carry many people. The car can seat 2 people comfortably. More people would have to adjust. Which would be an issue if you are trying to have more people in the car.
2. The car is very expensive. The car is way too expensive and for such an expensive car, it doesn't include proper seating, proper storage, and the extra technology would cost extra.
3. Has amazing maneuvering systems, but that is all a waste because I am not a very technology kind of person. I'm more straight forward.
4. In my opinion the this model of the 911 isn't very attractive. If I'm paying so much money, I would prefer a car that is decent to my taste.
5. Lastly, I think that the Porsche 911(991) is a complicated model with many feautures. Most of which I would not use.
My Car Review
Here is my car review of the Porsche 911(991). This review is from the website carbuyer.co.uk! This review focuses on the pros/cons of the Porsche 911 (991). Enjoy!!
Being Biased/Being Objective
Being biased is when you favor one side over another depending on how you feel. Being biased means you're one-sided and not very open-minded. When you are biased, you don't have a neutral point of view. You assume one thing is better than the other. In other words, when you are biased you are prejiduce. When you are offering facts and opinions about something like a car, it is important to be unbiased. In other words being objective.

Being objective is when you are equal and fair to both sides and you offer a very neutral point of view. You don't favor any side. You only state facts. When making a car review, it is important to be objective by being keen on both the pros and the cons. Not just the pros, and not just the cons.
Objectivity is very important not just in car reviews, but in many other situations as well. Pretend you are buying a car. You would have to be objective by choosing a car that will offer the best price, have most of what you are looking for in a car. You can't be biased and go for it's looks or appearance. The car may look really nice and be very popular, but it may be very expensive, and it might not offer what you require in a car.
The Pros and Cons you'll notice from this review mentioned about the Porsche 911(991) are:

The Porsche 911(991) is partly made out of aluminum, which means its actually lighter than the before versions.
The Porsche 911(991)'s navigational system now includes satellite navagation which helps locate the position and the precise time, if you ever got lost
Inside the Porsche there are 6 airbags, big storage spaces, comfy sport seats, clear visibility, and decent sound insulation.
There is also an amazing traction control system, longer wheel base which helps the car to ride over speed bumps, and pot holes smoother
There is a 3.8 litres engine, 400 horsepower in the engine, and the engine can reach 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.
The car can reach up to 189 mph.
The Porsche 911(991) is a very well balanced car, and it has unique driving properties because the engine is hung over by the rear axle.
Lastly, the car can go 34 mpg
The cons noticed from this review mentioned about the Porsche 911(991) are:

The Porsche 911 (991) has moved to a electric power system from a hydrolic power system, which upsets many buyers.
Its been mentioned that the Porsche 911(991) is not very attractive.
The boot of the car is small, and the car lacks in storing things.
The car was not built for many people, thus, this car isn't suitable for families, and less families would buy this car. It won't be to any use to them
This car is very expensive: 70 000 pounds: $ 112, 976
This car has an additonal 10 000 pounds for extras such as the noise button.10 000 pounds: $16, 139.
The demographic for Porsche 911 (991) is ages 36-55 years old because they are able to afford the car.
The demographic for the Porsche 911(991) is very restricted because it costs a lot of money
Research shows that most Porsche owners are male.
Porsche owners must have a fairly high income to afford the car.
Car reviews. What are they? One word:
Car reviews simply give advice about different varieties of cars. They basically assist hopeful car buyers on how the car might be useful to them, or how it may not be as useful. Today, I'll dig deeper into the review to pull out information such as: If the reviewer is being biased towards a car, or if the reviewer is being objective. I'll observe if the reviewer is showing balanced reporting. I'll notice if the review is credible or simply unbelievable. I'll catch the facts and opinions of the reviewer discussing about the car, and lastly I'll look at the pros and cons of the car. If I was hopeful car buyer, I would have to decide if I should buy the car using critical thinking. What are my thoughts towards the car? We'll discuss that in this presentation.
Car Review: Porsche 911(991)


Porsche 911 Tradition: Future
The Porsche 911 repersents tradition. A 3 digit logo repersents a legendary sports car concept. The 911 today, shows the design that has become iconic. It shows the timeless idea. It shows the childhood dreams. It shows the Tradition: Future! The Porsche 911 has become an iconic car with an amazing history. The Porsche 911 started in the 1950's and has become a legendary sports car today. In the past generations this car has improved its appearance, its performance, and its Interior. The Porsche 911 has become a pure sign of innovation.
The past generations of the Porsche 911:
1960: F model(1963)
1970: G model(1973)
1980: 964 model(1988)
1990: 993 model(1997)
2000: 997 model(2004)
2010: 991 model(2011)
50 years of the Porshe 911:
Being Biased/Being Objective
I think that the reviewer reviewing the Porsche 911(991) was being objective. I think this because the reviewer offered both pros and cons about the Porsche 911(991). He stated the good points of the car and the bad points of the car. The reviewer didn't show any favortism to affect his judgement of the Porsche 911(991). He stated the facts about the car, and stated some opinions. The reviwer kept a neutral point of view throughout the whole review. Some pros the reviewer stated along with cons were:
The Porsche 911(991) can go 34 mpg. That is a great fuel economy for this car.
The Porsche 911(991) is not built for many people. The car is not able to carry many people comfortably
All in all, I think the reviewer was being fairly objective.
Credibility and Balanced Reporting
Crebility is the quality of being trusted and being believed in. Crediblity is how much reliable something is. For example a person that tells many lies, won't be as credible as a person who rarely tells lies. Another example is a doctor that loses many of his/her patients, will lose also his/her credibility.
In my opinion I think that this review was very credible. I thought the reviewer was very credible. He offered pros about the car which were true, and he offered cons about the car which were also true. The website where I got the review from is very credible, because they offer truthful reviews that are reliable. Many car buyers look at these reviews to get advice and opinions about the car they are hoping to buy, because they trust in these reviews.

Balanced reporting is discussing all the point of views and mentioning every side of a story. Balanced reporting is when you are fair to all the sides and discuss every side.
In my opinion I think that the reviewer showed balanced reporting. He showed both the pros and the cons about the car. The reviewer mentioned both the facts and opinions about the car. He did not just mention or discuss one point of view, and only one side, but he mentioned all the point of views and all the sides. He showed the good points of the Porsche 911(991) and he mentioned the bad points of the Porsche 911(991). He was balanced.
Car reviews have helped many hopeful car buyers in finding a car of their preference. Today we have digged deeper into the review to not only get the information said about the car, but to also discuss how the information is said. We looked at many aspects of the review including the biasedness or objectiveness showed by the reviewer towards the car. We looked into the credibility and balanced reporting of the reviewer. We noticed the pros/cons, the facts/opinions, and got to know the tradition that is the Porsche 911. In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed seeing this review in a different perspective, and getting to know a little bit more about the Porsche 911(991). I hope that the next time you watch a review you will catch all the aspects of the review we have discussed today. Thank You 7I!!
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