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I amsterdam city branding

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on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of I amsterdam city branding

Monika Luppens
I Amsterdam
Why have I chosen the city of Amsterdam?
The interviews
thanks for

Results from the interviews

Amsterdam is one of the cities that I have most visited because my father is from Holland and has lived part of his life there

Is the most important city in Amsterdam and one of the most popular in Europe

I think that some people has a wrong image about Amsterdam

The image of Amsterdam has changed in the last years and I want to study it
Let's know more about I amsterdam
1. Official web page and Tripadvisor
2. Facebook
Frequency: every two weeks
during 3 months

Firstly organized in a table divided in Strenghts and Weaknesses

Secondly, I created graphics about the templates to see the evolution and the contrast of the three pages
The city branding of Amsterdam is an example of effectiveness since, if we
thought in this city a few years ago to our minds came from the "red zone" and
marijuana and coffee shops, however, the image that today we perceive is
"creative capital", "bicycles" and the now classic postcard or t-shirt with the sign
"I amsterdam"

As aaker says" I Amsterdam is the reflection of the diversity of the cohesion and the personality
of all the citizens of Amsterdam that together build the city".

1. A person who lives in Amsterdam and has lived
in the past 10 years
2. A Dutch person that has long lived in Amsterdam, but that in the past few years living in another place
3. a person who has recently visited Amsterdam, and the condition was more than 2 times
4. A person who has never been in Amsterdam

Very positive, respondents have answered correctly and many answers have been very similar between

Both agree that the citizens of Amsterdam are people hospitable, open-minded and helpful.

They also believe that the image has recently changed very favorably and transmitting at present is correct

They describe Amsterdam as: fun, bikes, creative and water

In conclusion the results of the various interviews are consistent between them and correspond to a good campaign to city branding

In 2004 amsterdam Partners was created with the main objective that the government, the industry and the marketing work together in a better image of the city and create a new identity.

The campaign was created by Neijk Eijsbouts i Gijs van den Berg, creative directors of Kessels-Krammer.

The process led to the slogan very simple and effective: I amsterdam was selected to be brief, clean, powerful and memorable.

Brand activation
1. Generate events with impact on the press from all over the world:
2. Enable social networks and increasing traffic to the official website of IAmsterdam.
3. Encourage commercial activities that produce income.

The official web page is the one that actually reflects what attributes are those who want to highlight and enhance of the city, and they are very similar to the other pages analyzed.

The official Facebook is perfectly managed and cared for to maximize their publications, photographs, the writing and the aspects that wants to stand out in the city

Tripadvisor is a complete guide when you travel to Amsterdam and despite are some negative things (the logotype doesn't appear in it, are not sections about history or future events fe, shows a lot of options about transport, hotels, what to do in the city and also highlights the emotional values of the brand.
The main goal is to analyze the communication that makes the city of Amsterdam through the official website and the social media
"Amsterdam is distinguished by a combination of creativity, innovation and commercial spirit"
"I amsterdam expresses the personal choice by the city, shows the pride, confidence and dedication of its citizens, enables them to expose the benefits, opportunities and excellence by which they choose it, and makes it clear that the value of the city is in their people"
The main goal to know four different perspectives about the image of Amsterdam
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