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The Burchfield Penney

No description

Celine Kicinski

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Burchfield Penney

The Burchfield Penney
The Art
The Burchfeild Penney is constantly getting new art that speaks to people. There is a large amount of art in the museum that is created by local artists. All of the art in the museum is lovely, but it is especially unique to the area when the art is created by people who are from the area. The museum also has art from bigger names as well.
The Exhibitions
The Current exhibition that is being featured at the museum is one about environment and landscapes. The Burchfield Penney's exhibitions bring issues like these to life and allow you to interact and become part of the issue instead of just reading about it. Other exhibitions, like the Front Yard exhibit are a unique and beautiful part of the museum.
The Events
The Burchfield Penney hosts lots of events that create a wonderful experience for audiences of all ages to come and enjoy. Every first Friday of the month, M&T bank sponsors the 'First Friday' event days which are free and open to the public. Other events are held at the museum such as tours and informational guides that really help to grasp a better understanding of the art in the museum.
Taking a tour of the Burchfeild Penney will truly enrich your experience in the museum. With knowledgeable staff you get a very well rounded experience and learn more than you could imagine. The options for tours include, public tours, private tours and school and college tours. There are opportunities for people of all ages to take their own kind of tour and learn more about the art featured in the museum.
Becoming a Memeber
Becoming a member is an easy experience that comes with benefits. By becoming a member you have unlimited access to the museum and opportunities like member only events. You can become a member online or signing up at the museum. Becoming a member of the museum gives you a new opportunity to grow in your knowledge of art. There are also opportunities for students.
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