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shirl yang

on 12 July 2013

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of the boys want their sons to become successful and follow strict rules and achieve high goals
follows the ideas and values that he has learned in society
thinks he has to follow the rules of the school - Headmaster is is control and his rules should be followed
After Neil resolved to not tell his dad after talking to Keating
Neil succumbing to his father’s wishes
Todd resolved after he stood on the desk
Mathusha, Andrew, Husna, Shirley

Psychoanalytical Criticism
built on the theories of Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)
Freud popularized the idea of conscious mind versus unconscious mind
-Todd does the barbaric "yawp"
-Todd cries out in grief over death of Neil
Removal of Clothing:
Change Personal Appearance:
Tribal Formation:
Adopt Animal Behavior:
-Neil removed his clothes in front of the window
-Charlie paints his cheeks with lipstick in the fashion of war paint
-Charlie draws native bolt on chest

-Formed an exclusive club in a cave
-Charlie tells others to call him by tribal name Nuwanda
Carpe Diem:
- Neil’s desire to create Dead Poets Society, even there are risks
- Knox’s desire to go for Chris even if she has a boyfriend
- Todd shows his true potential and makes up a passionate poem on the spot
- Charlie writing a paper about letting girls attend Welton and mocks the headmaster by saying “God called”
- Neil's desire to become an actor against his father’s wishes

Violent Urges:
- Charlie punches Cameron for blaming Keating
- Chet punches Knox for touching his girlfriend

- Neil’s mother goes into hysteria

Neil’s decision to die (Freud believed that “beside” and “under” the life instinct, there is a
death instinct
. He believed that everyone has an unconscious wish to die. )

Nolan (superego):
“Tradition, honor, discipline, excellence.”
-can release emotions in cave
Keating spinning Todd in a circle
-Todd releases his true feelings
Girls spinning when they were dancing
Knox talking on circular mouthpiece (to Chris)
Globe in Keating's classroom
Kicking soccer balls
-put their feelings into their voices and what they
are saying

MANIFEST: information that the conscious mind is experiencing.

LATENT: hidden meaning of unconscious thoughts, drives, and desires.

Neil and his Midsummer Night’s Dream play
their journey to find self and discover a strong sense of ego through the awakening of their id.
"But only in their dreams can man be truly free. 'Twas always thus, and always thus will be."
"Chaos screaming, chaos dreaming. Gotta
do more! Gotta be more!"
"Think but this, and all is mended,
That you have but slumber'd here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream..."
Based on Freud’s theory, the movie dead poets society showed us that through each characters’ encounters with their id and animalistic nature they were able to overcome and control both of their extremes which are the superego and the id, and were finally able to balance these two extremes with their ego.
: represents how the manly tradition is passed to the young ones
: represents their desire to become mature and responsible men. Also showed how they wanted to show off to others
- The principal’s pipe represented his authority toward the students
Marching in a line
Long table
Fencing Swords
- The flashlight (the length of it) is a phallic symbol which represents the student’s curiosity and bravery when they used it to guide them through the forest.
-Standing on desk
a - When Charlie calls himself NuWANDa, the WAND part of his name represents the phallic object of a stick. This represents -power and authority towards the other members of the club.
- Males are seen as able to solve the problems in the family; when Neil uses this to commit suicide, I saw this as a way he would solve all his “problems”.
The movement from society’s standards (lightness) to the discovery of your id (darkness)
-Dark: Cave, the dark window where Neil puts on his puck hat,
-Todd at dusk crying over Neil,
-the party when Knox kisses Chris
Work Ethic
Belief that if Characters are kept occupied, the id will remain under control
-Welton controls the students with overload of work to keep their mischief at bay
-Charlie’s father tells him to stop being in the newspaper club
-Neil’s father wants to send him to military school and harvard-- continuous education
Journey by Vehicle
Journey from society to self-discovery
-Reversal: Neil goes back to his house after play
Strong Sexual Urge
-Charlie with his girls

: emission of parts of the unconscious mind (the Id) combined together with one another.
(Knox is shown to have a strong desire for the girl, but also accepts the risk of pursuing her. Therefore, we can see his sexual desire as well as his fear combining together.)

: The substitution of something from the unconscious mind (the Id) into something more acceptable by the conscious mind (the ego).
(Knox puts his urges to be with Chris in the form of a class homework project (when instead he wants to say the things in the poem to Chris))

also known as identification is when individuals take characteristics from someone else’s personality and apply it to their own to find resolve(their id)
Turning against the self
It is a form of displacement in which one turns against him/herself and becomes his/her own substitute target.
Id triumphs superego/ego
At the same time Neil becomes selfish as he falls deeper a victim to his desires (pleasure principle) and goes against orders from his father or even Keating
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