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H1131: Egyptian Religion overview

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Douglas Skelley

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of H1131: Egyptian Religion overview

Egyptian Religion:

Polytheism and Pharoah Gods

What is Polytheism?
According to the video, what was egyptian religion based around?
What are myths and why are myths created?
Myths are traditional stories about gods and goddesses.

They are created to explain natural, or unnatural, phenomenons that cannot be explained by man.
A great example is a creation myth.

We see creation myths in all civilizations throughout history. They are stories developed to explain how the world and man came to be. Most use either many or one god and/or goddess to create the world and man.

Have you ever heard or read a creation myth?

Over the course of the year we will be looking at many creation myths and we will see how similar and different they are. Let's start with the Egyptian myth!
Are there any similarities for this creation myth and any you have heard before?
What did Egyptians hope to gain from life that made them love life?
What Gods are most attributed to life after death?
What makes Egyptians believe they can achieve an afterlife?
Why were people mummified?

What went into the tomb with the dead?
Finish your summaries and upload your notes to H1131 Prezi notes
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