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Planetary Rover Simulation

No description

Giovanna Tomiotto

on 25 April 2015

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Transcript of Planetary Rover Simulation

Planetary Rovers
...in order to apply learning outcomes
of class
A tractor suspension was used
User inputs their choice of planetary terrain
Planetary Rover Simulation
Clare Jenkins
Giovanna Tomiotto

Rocker-bogie suspension
kf = 60,000 N/m
kr = 60,000 N/m
cf = 1,050 Ns/m
cr = 1,050 Ns/m
PNG, JPEG, or Bitmap
User maps out the path
Graph is displayed
Bounce-Pitch Simulation
Graph is input into simulation, model of ground is created
Spring constants of the front and rear axles
Damping coefficients of the front and rear axles
The length of the rover
The mass of the rover
Moment of inertia
other inputs:
Function: makehgtform
User input terrain path
Calculate pitch from Simulink
Curiosity Rover
m = 900 kg
L = 3 m
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