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Dragon Keeper - Story Board

No description

Nieve W

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Dragon Keeper - Story Board

Dragon Keeper - Story Board
Nieve 7 Gold

The Dragon & the Slave Girl...
The slave girl is caught hiding at an imperial banquet. The guards chase her. She tires to save the dragon but he refuses to leave without the stone . The Slave girl grabs the stone as the dragon frees himself from the iron bounds of the dragon hunter. The dragon flies off with her much to the dismay of the the dragon hunter and her master
Names and Decisions...
The slave girl wakes up. The dragon whose name is Danzi tells her, her name is Ping. Ping wants to go back to her home. Danzi ends up taking her away but he falls and hurts his wing. They overhear some imperial guards talking about a dragon and a powerful sorceress. She has no choice but to go with Danzi. He wants to go to Ocean so Ping says that she will accompany him.
Ping does not like flying on the dragons back she prefers being firmly on the floor.
Walking, Walking, Talking and more decisions
The walk to ocean is long yet eventful. Ping learns Danzi cant shape change. They stop at a farmers home. They give her warmer clothing. Danzi teaches ping to count and all about dragons and the wildlife around them. After meeting a young man who is going to the capital Chang'an to become a scholar, she [Ping] finds out that the emperor has died. Later that day, the Dragon is annoyed because Ping had been holding the stone next to iron which is fatal for it. Danzi says they must go to Chang'an and though Pind disagrees Danzi holds his ground.
walking, walking and more walking
Ping and Danzi reach Chang'an Danzi takes her to an old friend of his named Wang Cao. When they get there Danzi passes out from exhaustion because of the mount of shape changing he has been doing. Wang Cao is a herbalist who fixes the dragon stone as well as Danzi's wounds. He gives Ping money for her to buy a few essentials at the market. Someone steals her money from her, but she uses her qi to get it back. The next day ping sets out to the market again this time more conscious of the money she has. While at the market she stops to listen to a few musicians, this is were she spots the dragon hunter at one of the stalls. She turns and runs...
4 days after leaving Chang'an Danzi and Ping reach a small village called Fengjing. Here the villagers were very welcoming. they asked what news Danzi and Ping had. A family invited them in to have dinner with them. This is where they encounter the Dragon Hunter again. The dragon hunter convinces the village to turn against Danzi and Ping and they capture them. They are imprisoned in a pig sty. Ping frees Danzi and herself and escape they village. They walked until mid morning. This is when Ping realized that the dragon hunter took the dragon stone and she has gone off without it. They have to hide from some farmers who are looking for them. Danzi then tells Ping they must walk through the forest because the path isn't safe.
the dragon hunter takes the stone from Ping.
After walking for a few days Danzi and Ping come to another village. This village needs it to rain so that they can grow their food otherwise they will starve. They are making offerings to the dragon that supposedly lives at the bottom of the lake so he can make it rain. Danzi and Ping stay out of their way and makes camp in a cave. Ping goes out to get some water when she sees a young girl whom the villagers are sacrificing to the dragon. The villagers decide that Ping should be sacrificed instead. Young boys row her out into the lake. Ping is in the water but Danzi saves her. Danzi ends up making it rain for the village so that they won't starve and because Ping told them he would as long as they didn't sacrifice people again. Danzi is exhausted from having to make I train and Ping has to drag him back to their cave. Waking the next morning she finds that Danzi is alive but his wing is very damaged. Ping sews is back together and they leave the village to start walking again.
Sacrifices & Rain
Danzi makes it rain
Danzi tells Ping they will travel on the Yellow River because it is quicker to get to Ocean. Ping tries to find a boat that will take them on the only one is a small boat an but a boat women named Jiang Bing. She agrees to take them to ocean. Ping takes nicely to life on the river and enjoys the simple days without having to walk anywhere although bPing feels guilty for spending time with Jiang Bing so much instead of Danzi.
Yellow River
After a few days Jiang Bing has to stop at a town called Wucheng, Danzi tells Ping they will get off here. Wucheng is a unusual place, it is most alive at night instead of the day and the people who live there are mainly alchemists, astrologers, sorcerers and necromancers the later Ping must fear. While walking through the markets at night Ping can feel someone watching her. She starts to ask about the dragon stone. Later that night , Danzi had fallen asleep Ping finds the dragon stone using her qi. She steals it from the person who was watcher her from the shadows. Ping and Danzi have to escape from Wucheng because the stone is not well. They must fight the necromancer who had taken the stone in order to escape. After they do they jump onto Jiang Bings boat only to find out that the necromancer is her per cat...
Wucheng, the fire mountain...
there is a volcano shadowing Wucheng
Ping had to jump off the boat in order to save the stone. She fights Jiang Bing who jumps in after her. She floats along the river and stops at the bank. She is happy that she had saved the stone but then realises that she has left Danzi and Hua behind. The necromancer comes down the river and Ping outsmarts him into leaving him behind and taking his boat, with the help of Hua. The dragon is strapped to the boats however Ping can't help him because she needs to control the boat. Ping it very tiered and fell asleep luckily waking to find a boat coming towards her. She practices counting to 1000 to stay alert. Ping finally ties up the boat and makes dinner.
Back on the Yellow River...
Danzi and Ping use the necromancer's boat to travel to ocean.
While sailing on the Yellow River Danzi tells Ping how she is a dragon keeper. She is about to take a mirror that all of Danzi's true dragons keepers have had when a huge imperial boat crashed into hers. The guards recognise her but she convinces them she is giving the dragon to the emperor. This is where she meets the emperor whom is her age...
The New Emperor
The Emperor invites her to a banquet and in the following days become quite close. Ping learns that the emperor is gathering scientists to create a elixir so he can rule forever. Among them is Wang Cao. While Ping spends time with the emperor Wang Cao convinces Danzi that she [Ping] is not the real dragon keeper and together they run away. Ping is so upset that she spends the next few days in her room. When the emperor tells her that he is going to travel to Tai Shan and wants her to come with him, she agrees.
Ping attends another imperial banquet
Life with the Emperor...
The emperor along with many workers and Ping walk to Tai Shan, Ping wants to walk all the way up the mountain and the emperor agrees. When they finally reach the top of the mountain they wait for the emperor to walk by himself were he will ask the gods for a blessing. When he comes down Ping is asked to get him some water, as she is doing so she feels that the dragon hunter is near by and runs towards him. Ping finds Danzi and Wang Cao fighting the dragon hunter. Ping helps and before long Wang Cao and the dragon hunter is dead. Danzi flies the rest of the way to ocean with Ping.
Tai Shan
Danzi crashes on the beach and Ping drops the stone which turns out to be an dragon egg. She finds out how to care for the dragon. They settle down to sleep. Ping is confused because the water of ocean dose not have healing powers like Danzi said it did. He explains that he must fly to the Isle of the Blest. Danzi flies off but not before telling her that the baby's name is Long Kai. Ping is left to look after Kai on her own.
Perhaps there is no end...
A Baby Dragon...
End of Book 1
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