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Digital Hermeneutics

WebSci'11 Talk

Marieke van Erp

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of Digital Hermeneutics

Digital Hermeneutics:
Agora and the
Online Understanding
of Cultural Heritage Technology



Heritage Cultural heritage institutions are no longer the sole interpreters of collections The Web allows users to enrich collection descriptions with their personal perspective How can we support the interpretation process of online collections? - Theory of interpretation: relating parts to wholes

- The encounter of hermeneutics and Web technology (Capurro, R. (2010))*

- Context to think about providing access to and interpretation of online collections *Capurro, R. (2010). Digital Hermeneutics: An Outline. In AI & Society, vol. 35(1), pp. 35-42 - objects (digitised artworks and artifacts)

- events (concrete particulars)

- narratives (organisation of events) Granularity

Data Sparsity

Event Typing http://agora.cs.vu.nl
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