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Photo Essay on Imperialism

No description

Arielle N.

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Photo Essay on Imperialism

Imperialism Opium Wars Photo taken in China. http://smithgreg.com/walk-thru-history/2008/10/7/the-chinese-opium-war.html War between China and western
countries. British merchants smuggled
opium into China to balance their export
of tea in Britain. The imperialist power
was Britain and the colonial group was
China. In this photo it shows the Chinese
addicted to the Opium drugs. http://blog.aurorahistoryboutique.com/tag/colonial-history-store/ Europeans taking control of Africa. Photo taken in Africa. Europeans were able to colonize basically all of Africa. They used their advanced technology (guns) to enable them to dominate Africa. The Africans resisted violently but ultimately they were defeated by their technologically superior enemy. http://tdl.org/txlor-dspace/bitstream/handle/2249.3/187/06_imp_lat_am.htm Construction of the Panama Canal Photo taken in Latin America. Latin America under direct imperialism of the US. The natural resources in Latin American made them targets for a form of economic dependence called free-trade imperialism. Built the Panama canal for trade.
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