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No description

john augustine

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of guitar

Double click anywhere & add an idea guitar guy Born February 17, 1992 Love to hunt, fish, shoot, play guitar Started playing guitar at age 16
practice 1-2 hours a day Custom Strings

John Augustine School Liberty Middle School
first technology class 8th grade

Grandview High School
Took first Technical drawing class

Took engineering design as junior

Took Senior Design as a senior

Internship Senior year at
Tenorio Werx

Advisory committee Experts
Mark Tenorio
Owner of Tenorio Werx

R. Combs
Technology teacher at Grandview High School

Supporting Advisors
John Augustine

Frances Augustine

Mark Moore

Brenda Moore
Project Design and Build a playable guitar Objectives

1. Use Solid Works to design a Guitar 2. Learn How a Milling Machine works 3. learn process involved in finishing a guitar body 4. learn how 3-d printer works and apply to guitar project 5. Complete a Funtioning guitar Time Line January
February March April May The Guitar! First Sketches First 3-d renderings Prototype Finalized 3-d Renderings Body Blank and Routing process Finishing the body Starting the assembly Finished Guitar Bibliography

The Guitar ReRanch. ,Bill.ReRanch.04/27/10<http://reranch.com/index.htm>.

Tenorio, Mark. Personal interview. 09/10/09

Tenorio, Mark. Personal interview. 09/20/09

Tenorio, Mark. Personal interview. 10/25/09

Tenorio,Mark.Personal interview. 02/19/10.

Tenorio, Mark. Personal interview. 02/25/10

Tenorio, Mark. Personal interview. 03/15/10

Tenorio, Mark. Personal interview. 03/20/10

cnc_mill_program_editor.jpg. http://www.softdepia.com/screenshots/ryszard_klos/cnc_mill_program_editor.jpg. Web. 11 May 2010. <http://www.softdepia.com/screenshots/ryszard_klos/cnc_mill_program_editor.jpg>.

First prgraming Inserting Electronics obtained CSWA certification
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