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Giant Panda

No description

Tamika Domilos

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Giant Panda

Did you Know?
At birth, panda cubs usually weigh 4-8 ounces and measure around 6 inches long.
Giant Panda
Fur color is black on ears, eye patches, arms and legs
Its coat is thick and stiff
Pandas have a little bushy tail
A Giant Panda is native to China
Giant Pandas live in broadleaf forests
Stay in cool and wet areas
Stay alone
Giant Pandas choose to live near a stream
Birth to Adult life
Giant Panda
By: Tamika Domilos
Period 6/7

Food and Shelter
There diet is almost 99 percent bamboo
In zoos they eat bamboo, sugar cane and apples
Giant Pandas take shelter under a large tree
When born it's pink
A week old black patches will appear
Two moths old the panda will open its eyes partway
30 to 45 day they will open fully
The panda cub leaves its mother when it's one to two year old
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