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Outer Space

Amalie Coghlan

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Space

Space The Sun The Sun is the largest star in the solar system.
it is the largest object and contains
approximately 98% of the total solar system
mass. The suns outer visible layer is called the
photosphere and has a temperature of 6 000°C. Mercury Mercury is the closet planet to the
sun. It is the 2nd smallest planet in
the solar system. Venus Venus is know as the jewel of the sky.
It is scorched with a surface temperature
of 482°C. This hight tempearture is due to
a runway greenhouse effect caused by the
atmostphere. Earth Most people that live on earth think
it is a big planets but astronauts have
the impression that it is a small planet
with a thin, fragile layer of atmostphere. Mars Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun and
is referred as the red planet. The rocks soil
and sky have a red or pink hue. The distincet
red colour was observed by stargazers
throughout history. Jupiter
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