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Video Vixens & The Position of Black Women in Popular Cultur

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Amanda Nanayakkara

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Video Vixens & The Position of Black Women in Popular Cultur

Video Vixens & The Position of Black Women in Popular Culture
"The Sexy Lie" TED Talk
Objectified images are perpetuated through images in:

-Video Games
-Music Videos
"Bubble Butt"
By: Major Lazer
So, what is sexual objectification?
We will be looking at sexual objectification specifically targeting women of color

disregarding the intellectual capacity of women and viewing them specifically and exclusively as important for sexual pleasure

Leads to Self-objectification: Women seeing themselves and other women as sexual objects for men.
Think about the music video for
Treating a human being as an object

In other words, viewing the body as a commodity that is separated into it's individual parts, as opposed to a whole human

For the purposes of our class we will specifically be looking at this term within the context of sex and race
I encourage you to think about your consumption choices.

Can you think of popular music videos that sexually objectify Black Women?

Why do you think that it is particularly important to look at the sexual objectification of women through the lens of race?

What is Objectification?
By: Amanda Nanayakkara
How do you see Women's bodies being objectified in this music video?

"Drop it low, put it in reverse"
"Let me see your bumper"
"Don't like a flat screen ass, I need a 3D

The Black women in the music video are only shown for their body parts & are characterized by their large butts.

Why is Sexual objectification
Black women in music videos continuously occupy stereotyped roles that focus on her butt as her only important feature.

Her body is exploited as solely for the pleasure of a male audience
So, What do you think are some repercussions of this sexual objectification on African American Women?
Eating Disorders
Body Shame
Low-Self Esteem
Decreased intellectual self worth
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