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No description

mathushana berinpalingam

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Koala

*eucalyptus trees

Unusual Features

* Claws of a koala are heavily padded, allowing for a better grip to climb trees.
*Has a wooly coat that protects koala's from the warm and cold.
* They don't have a true nocturnal life style because they are know to sleep at night and move around day.
* Eucalyptus trees are poisonous to many animals but not to koala's.
Gestation Period
For a koala the gestation period is approximately 30-35 days.
Breathing Method
Koala's breathing method is by using their lungs and nose
Food Web
Food Chain
Primary Consumer
Secondary Consumer
Tertiary Consumer
Quaternary Consumer
Longevity (life span)
Koala's life span is 13-18 years of life.
Litter Size
koala's litter size is one baby and rarely two
koala's mate to reproduce
koala's eat eucalyptus leaves
Natural Predators
koala's natural predators are dingos, owls and lizards
Why Are Koalas Endangered
Koala's have become endangered because people are cutting down trees and koala's live in the forest. Koala's are loosing there home. Another reason why koala's are endangered are because koala's are hunted for fur
Physical Characteristics
Koala's have a wooly light to dark grey fur with brown and white patches. Koala's have small eyes, large furry ears and a large black nose. Female koala's have a rear opening pouch. Koala's are very cute
I hoped you guys learned a lot about Koalas. And thank you for listing and watching our presentation!
60 feet x 60 feet
3600 feet
How big is the Koalas biome?
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