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Amazing Country - Turkey

No description

Michelle Ng

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Amazing Country - Turkey

An Amazing Country - Turkey
Have a wonderful trip in Turkey
Michelle Ng 5c (19)
Ms. Angus (5c)
Ms. Or (4d)
An Amazing Country - Turkey
tourist attractions and culture are special
Aya Sofya ,Pamukkale are very outstanding
many special activities, turkish bath, underground cities
Best place for Year 5 study tour
Special location - Asia and Europe
Ankara capital city, Istanbul has many tourist attractions
Tourist Attractions, Culture, Special Activities are the best
Best place for Year 5 study tour
Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions
Aya Sofya
Cultural Benefits
Art and Artchitecture
Cultural Benefits
Special Activities
Turkish Bath
Special Activities
Underground Cities
Special Activities
Turkish Bath
Works Cited
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soure cultural guide.
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Nick name " Cotton Castle.", Turkey famous natural wonders
Have thermal bath, investigate what it's made of
parent have mud bath, good for their skin
take photos, remember what happened in Pamukkale
Top attraction in Turkey, most beautiful and fantastic
First built at church, but now a museum (Sheeban P93)
relax,look at arts, learn history, design pictures
built in 6th century,existed almost 1000 years
Very rich and diverse (Kneib P.71)
architectures famous, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya
have to do art works using the techniques
learn drawing patterns, help to win design competition
Whatever you wish will come true
celebrated when Hizr, Ilyas met other
Hizr gives good people, learn the back history
Make wish that night, learn how, why celebrate
very special, hard to find in other places
warm air, steam immersion, massage, cold water bath
good for teachers to relax after working
used for weight reduction, cleansing and relaxation purposes.
a good try for Year 5
not many chance to try these special activities
healthy, worth while for Year 5 to go
more than 2000 years, hold to 25000 people
only some of it are open to public
make the trip interesting, can explore inside it
try recognize things, look at rocks to investigate
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