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The History of Halloween

No description

Brianna Smith

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The History of Halloween

The History of
Halloween Today many people imagine Halloween as a
fun-filled day full of costumes, candy, and parties. What is Halloween? But did you know:
Starting as a day to commemorate the dead through prayer, Halloween lost most of its history due to evolution of religions, of which occurred through controversy and later on transformed simply into a day of fun. - The origin Of Halloween Today we will be learning: - The Traditions of Halloween - The Superstitions of Halloween The Origin of Halloween Celtic Religion: Samhain (sow-in) is a Celtic festival that marked the end of summer and the beginning of the cold long winter that they feared. According to Bettina Arnold who wrote an article of Halloween Customs in the Celtic World said and I quote, " At this time of transition between the old year and the new that the barrier between this world and the Otherworld where the dead and supernatural beings lived became permeable. Roman Religion The Origin of Halloween After conquering most of Celtic land the Romans gradually combined their celebrations into Samhain. 1. Feralia- Passing of the dead celebration 2. Pomona- goddess of trees and fruit Christianity Religion The Origin of Halloween The church did not like the Celtic/Roman celebration The encyclopedia of Holiday Symbols and Customs stated "All Saints Day, the festival of the dead, it was made into a celebration of all the known and unknown saints and martyrs of the Catholic Church by Pope Boniface IV in the seventh century." Pope Gregory III moved the observance day to November 1st The church didn't like the idea of a Celtic festival so it moved its own holidays around that time to blend in their religion. Dressing up in Costumes: Halloween Traditions Fool evil spirits to avoid possession Dress up to make mischief Beg for food Trick or Treat Halloween Traditions Poor folk and beggars would exchange a prayer for Soul Cake Bonfire Halloween Traditions A community bonfire would
be lit then put out People would take home to
light there own fire Thought to scare away evil spirits
from the house Jack o'Lanterns Halloween Traditions According to the World Book, Jack o' Lanterns were named for a character named Jack, who could not enter heaven because he was a miserable, bad tempered man. He could not enter hell because he had tricked death several times. As a result Jack had to walk the earth forever with only a coal from hell to light his lantern. Before Pumpkins turnips were used as jack o'lanters but because the pumkin size and availability turnips were replaced Families would set out places at the dinner table and leave treats at doorstep Halloween Superstitions Families would lite candles to help
loved ones find their way back Black Cats:
originated from the belief that witches turned themselves into cats. Halloween Superstitions Witches:
Many of times women were called witches that were healers or had folklore passed down to them. Modern house supplies of the women accused turned into witchcraft such as a broom, couldren, and hat The Devil in church on Halloween According to The Folklore of World Holidays Encyclopedia it is said that if you were brave enough to go to a church and look in the window at midnight that you would see the devil, himself in the pulpit reading out the names of those who would be in hell before the next Hallowe'en! Halloween Superstitions Know you all know where Halloween originated from, its traditions, and superstitions Conclusion When Halloween comes around be sure to think of its true purpose not just the fun-filled day and remember the relatives who have passed. According to Bettina Arnold who wrote an article on Halloween Customs in the Celtic World states that the spirit of the dead were impersonated by young men with masked, veiled , or blackened faces, dressed in white or disguises of straw Prayer would be for the
families deceased relative
to help them passover
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