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The influence of world music traditions on western music.

Presentation- Three examples of fusion of world music traditions.

Annie-Rose Cowdry

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of The influence of world music traditions on western music.

So what are the characteristics of Indian music?
Raga scale- a melody constructed of five or more notes.

Ostinato- A continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm

Fixed composition (not Improvised)

Playing of a high standard

Vocal Technique Gamak- Varying the pitch of a note What is British music? Much like African or Indian music, British music has significant cultural and spiritual significance. Western folk music was traditionally performed for entertainment and told stories. Much like African music, it was learned by ear.
I've found three examples where characteristics from Indian music have been used in other world music. Explore the influences of world music traditions on western music Example one of Indian music influencing western music. Example two-The Rolling Stones -Paint it black This song uses a sitar and a non tempered raga scale as its main themes.
I really like the use of the non-tempered raga scale and the high standard playing of the sitar in this song. On the contrary I think this song has just sampled a section of indian music instead of adopting the characteristics.
Example three The Chemical Brothers-Galvanize This clip is taken from an American TV series Smash. If you listen carefully you can hear the Tabla beat, the Sitar and the vocal technique 'gamak'.
I quite like this piece of music, as they have used a range of indian characteristics opposed to using just one characteristic, or the use of one indian instrument. However I feel that this is perhaps quite a stereotypical adaption. This song also uses the non tempered raga scale and the ostinato.
I think this song is a great example of modernizing and adapting characteristics of world music, to make them popular in western society. However, again like the Rolling Stones song, this song has only sampled a piece of indian music. Conclusion/Comparing use of characteristics
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