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No description

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Pittsburgh

PIttsburgh Branden Hudak
Ali Alramzi
Hunter Churchman
Zach DeFraine
Jordan Fultz PICKLES gulf oil gulf oil is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it was in "the gulf building". It proved industry was booming because it came alive during the period of rapid industrialism and now it is a big oil corporation. that has partnered up with chevron. Pittsburgh Glass works General James O'Hara and Major Isaac Craig, the pioneers of the glass industry in Pittsburgh, opened the first glass factory in the county in South Side of Pittsburgh. Once this factory opened up, by 1878 there were 76 more factory's opened just in Pittsburgh. this factory is a symbol of rapid industrialism because it started more factories to produce glass and that makes more jobs.

Branden Hudak Glass Workers Child labor STEEL Pickles are an important part of industrial Pittsburgh because of the Heinz company. Heinz became the largest pickle and condiment factory in the world. ZACH DEFRAINE Ali Alramzi Coal Coal is a impotent part of the industrial revolution for Pittsburgh because it powered all of the steam engines in side the factories and on the boats that haled the supplies to the factories. So if it wasn't for the steam there wouldn't be a industrial revolution.

Hunter Churchman Steel was important to industrialsm because they used the steel for making all of the railroads. The railroads were important for getting goods and a use of transportation from east to west. Andrew Carnagie was an important part of it the steel industry. JOrdan fultz
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