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how to write a descriptive essay

Ester Rivas

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Descriptive

Description Descriptive Close your eyes and picture yourself in one of the tower buildings. The date is September eleventh, 2001. A plane has suddenly crashed into the tower.
Now take about 10 minutes. Be as descriptive as possible. Describe your emotion, the reaction of others around you: what you see, smell, feel. What would you do in that situation?
Pretend that your describing this to a blind person. Paint a picture with words that will put your reader in the scene. On a cold winter morning, I walked from my house to my stressful job down at the world trade center. I passed my favorite little bakery on the corner of 9th street, the smell of cinnamon bagels was irresistible. I could not help but stop and grab one. I was walking toward the world trade center passing thousands of blank faces; faces that were unaware of what was about to happen.
I sat down in my tiny cubicle with a stack of unfinished papers beside me. Suddenly, the building began to shake violently. The high pitch screams of the ladies in the finance department was unforgettable. John, a blonde man in his late forties, was in the cubicle right next to mine until he ran for dear life. Knocking over every little thing in his path. The concentrated smell of burning papers filled the air.
My heart started beating violently inside of my chest. In sheer terror my body became numb and frozen. Suddenly, I felt a giant hand tugging heavily on my shirt and a grunting voice screaming at me to run. I tried using the elevator, but a flashing red light warned me not to. I made my way down a cramped and suffocating stair case. People lost the sense of humanity and adapted the role of the animal Kingdom; Social Darwinism at its best pushing and shoving with only one goal in mind. A descriptive essay should be on a topic which you can elaborate and make the reader feel like they are in the story By David Son, Jayde Tijero & Ester Rivas make the reader feel what you want them to feel, help them touch what you are describing Touch Sight Make it specific, close your eyes and write how you would find it most accurate to imagine. Hear be detailed about every sound, be meticulous and give examples of the noises, therefore, the readers can make a connection. SMELL! be on point of familiar smells, generic scents so the reader can be on the same page as you. Taste appeal to their taste buds, if something is sweet or sour, elaborate and exaggerate on the taste. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr "The elegant looking Norwegian family in the matching shearling coats" (Berne, 182). " All the familiar details are there : the wooden scaffolding; the cranes, bulldozers, and forklifts; the trailers and construction workers in hard hats; even the dust" (Berne, 183). " Back I walked, up Foulton Street, the smell of fish in the air, to wonder again around St. Paul's" (Berne, 184) " And by the act of our visiting - whether we are motivated by curiosity or horror or reverence or grief, or by something confusing that combines them all - that space fills up again" (Berne, 184).
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