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DOM analysis

No description

Arseny Lobanov

on 22 March 2018

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Transcript of DOM analysis

Softgoods accounts for 71.4% of all dirty nodes.
2/3 of total comes from PERM prices goods.
Casual and Athletic Clothing makes up 52% of DNs.
Back room planning. Creating hanging space for Perm prices clothing.
Generic boxes for unboxed/clearance footwear.
Generic packaging for team sports gloves and protective.
Regroup to consolidate broken styles before initial mark down.
Activate combo doors for DOM.
Combine Atmo and Chek inventory for online orders.
DOM analysis
with Dirty Nodes breakdown
Hiding inventory*:
1 OH in store removed:

Reduces available units by 30%
Reduces available retail by $13.5M

2 OH in store removed:

Reduces available units by 60%
Reduces available retail by $27.3M
Final thoughts:
Activate clearance footwear.
Combine Atmo and Chek inventory.
Remove 100 or less in style available.
Remove certain price points.
Targeting certain stores.
Rotating stores in the same region.
Hiding inventory*:
100 or less in style OH:

Reduces available units by 6%
Reduces available retail by $2.8M
*MENS athletic clothing only.
*MENS athletic clothing only
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