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The EEG Signal Processing in future technologies

No description

Vincent Nfcn

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of The EEG Signal Processing in future technologies

Future Applications
Consequences on our everyday life
The ElectroEncephaloGram Technology
Current Applications
A new human-Machine interface
A Revolution or a Disaster ?
EEG signal processing in
future technologies
Clinical use
Brain Death
Epileptic seizures
Psychiatric syndromes
The depth of an anesthesia
Monitoring and testing
Research use
Cognitive science
Seizure activity has an high frequency and amplitude signal
Different ways to extract information
With a pass-band filter we can extract 5 different signals: each of them has a specific meaning
figure: Original EEG signal
Adult sleep
Babies' brain activity
Continuous attention task
Find brain lesions
Young children's brain activity
Drowsiness/sleepiness for adults
Brain disorder - psychology
Closing the eyes
3 examples of common filtered EEG signal
Why do we use EEG ?
Low costs
The equipment is really simple to use
High temporal resolution (order of the ms)
No physical/psychological impact on the patient
No spatial resolution of the brain
Does not give the position of a possible lesion
Takes a long time to connect on the patient
A brain's image with FMRI process
EEG/fMRI equipment
More data to process
Easy to use
What we need to develop as engineers ?
Real time EEG signal
EEG pattern
between both signals
One pattern = one thought = one action
Unable to process EEG signal in real time
Others brain's activities
Current applications of the EEG interfaces
Necomimi, cat's ears
Smart wheelchair
(Student's project at ENSTA Bretagne)
Video games,
OpenVibe brain computer interface
MindFlex, an obstacle course game with a ball
Might not have the expected success
People might be scared
People might need time to adapt themselves to the EEG
The first car propelled by an electric motor - 1904
The first generation of the current most used electronic device worldwide
"What if our brain get hacked ?"
"I think, therefore I am" Descarte, 17th century
We already know how to think, and there is nothing else to learn.
functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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