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Amanda Salt

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of TRIPTICO TIPS

jailbreaking the MFL classroom TRIPTICO TIPS http://triptico.co.uk FIND TEN WORD MAGNETS CLASS COUNT PINBOARD MATCH MAKER class timer extending Find 10 http://www.triptico.co.uk/word_magnets http://www.triptico.co.uk/wordpress/2013/01/class-count-another-free-resource/ text or images http://www.triptico.co.uk/media/temp/thinkLink.html http://www.triptico.co.uk/wordpress/2012/12/christmas-themed-vocab-cards/ vote
count how many times a particular group asks a question
type of scoreboard
count the number of times a writer uses emotive language / facts / rhetorical questions Colour code key words as they are used during a lesson
Create a list of plenary questions as ‘mystery magnets’
Upload a diagram as a background and label it with magnets
Display key words and delete each one as it is used in a sentence by a student
Remove words from a sentence and challenge students to remember what was written – remove more words until none remain!
Ask students to drag their name to a position of the board to reflect their view on a topic or confidence in a subject
THINK LINK randomly selecting students / groups
allocating points during a quiz
randomly deciding an activity hourglass flip timer student group flip selector sliding scores score tapper WORD MIX WHAT'S THE QUESTION? Rachel Hawkes image spinner text spinner
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