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Indus Valley

No description

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Indus Valley

Indus Valley
This picture represents a priest king,during the time period: ca 2000-1900 BCE, This relates to government because the priests of the Indus Valley set the rules and controlled most of the government.
There were many jobs that could be done in the Indus valley but one of the most popular was farming because you could provide for yourself and have extra food to sell.
Job Specialization:
The Indus Valley had a very complicated way of writing, It shows that in their time they had a stable way of communicating.
This is a picture of Shiva she represents is considered the transformer in the Indus-Valley Religion. Shiva represents passive energy.
This is a picture of a building that the people of the Indus Valley created. They used fired mud bricks to make the fondation.
The Exhibit:
Job Specialization
What does it mean to be civilized?
What it means to be civilized is to have a developed community where you have advanced technology, government, job, religion, and a way of communication.
Period: 3
By: Allison Karr
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