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A Hero's Journey

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey The Ordinary Home of A Hero A Call to Adventure The Refusal of the Call Meeting the Mentor or Supernatural Item to Assist Crossing the first threshold: The first Obstacle. Test, Allies and Enemies when the hero feels greater stress and is tempted to quit, but finds people who can help The Hero meets an ideal and sees the possibilities of the journey Someone or something tries to destroy the journey itself. The hero is mislead, but overcomes his lack of knowledge, prejudice and fears. The Hero is still in the midst of the journey, but is now willing to accept what is required to complete mission. The Hero Becomes self-assured. Since personal limitations are broke, the hero can see the big picture. The hero must adjust this new found passion to the demands of the ordinary world. The hero glimpses his impending death, and re-evaluates his/her life. The hero returns and shares what has been learned. Based of Joseph Cambell's Hero's Journey Pedro Almodóvar was born in the region of La Mancha,Spain. He was one of four children (he has two sisters and a brother.) At the age of eight years old, Almodóvar was sent to a religious boarding school in the city of Cáceres. While in school Almodóvar became very interested in the world of cinema and stage production. In an interview he is quoted to have said "Cinema became my real education, much more than the one I received from the priest".(D’Lugo, Pedro Almodóvar, p. 14) In 1967, Almodóvar moved to Madrid against his family's wishes. His goal was to become a film maker, while his parents had previously sent him to a religious school in hopes that he would be inspired to become a priest. By the late 1970's, Almodóvar had created many short films. It wasn't until he made Salome that he met Carmen Maura and Felix Rotaeta. Both these famous Spanish actors would encourage him to produce and finance what would be released as "Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls on the Heap" Almodóvar's start was slow paced while he lacked economic sustenance and Franco had just closed Spain's National School of Cinema, he was completely self taught . He worked a number of odd jobs ranging from a vendor in one of Madrid's flea market El Rastro to administrative assistant for Telefónica. He did this to support himself and his dream. While Almodóvar had no direct enemies his career was significantly slowed down by the Regime of Francisco Franco. Because Franco closed down Spain's National School of Cinema, the only school for the cinematic arts in Spain, his education was limited. While working for a theatrical group Almodóvar met actress Carmen Maura, she became one of Almodóvar's closest friends and encouraged him to make full length movies and would eventually star in many of his films. Almodóvar always aspired to be a filmmaker you could say that he saw the possibilities of of his journey before it even began. Almodóvar had a hard time following the success of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, his two subsequent films: Tie me Up! Tie me Down! and Kika received negative reviews, at the time his audience and critics felt he has "lost his sense of direction" (Strauss, Almodóvar on Almodóvar, p. 15) In 1999, Almodóvar released All about my Mother; it was an immediate hit. This movie not only recaptured his native audience but also brought him to the attention of Western critics. Following All about my Mother, in 2002 Almodóvar delivered Talk to Her, this movie marked a milestone for Almodóvar because it earned him his first nomination for Best Director from the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. After his creative slump, Almodóvar released many successful films. This shows that he persevered even when critics and audiences were losing interest and faith in him. Moreover he found a new vision to express his messages to future audiences. Although Almodóvar does life a very glamorized life he is still very true to his Spanish roots. He tries to incorporate his family and his friends in the projects he has becomes involved in. He featured his mother in a cameo appearance in Kika as well as created El Deseo studio productions with his younger brother Agustin. This is not applicable to Almodóvar's cinematic journey. Almodóvar's films always express a certain view or idea about life and relationships. Though somewhat controversial they are considered to be eye opening. He is not afraid to explore controversial issues about human relationships and the way society is exploits them or suppresses them. In a whole his films express the essence of what Spanish society all about. Harry Potter lives with the Dursleys, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England. Harry's adoptive family is very hostile towards him and his aunt and uncle resent him and his deceased parents. Harry is made to be Dursley's personal servant. On Dudley's birthday the Dursley family and Harry went to visit the zoo. While at the reptile house Harry receives his first call to adventure when he frees the snake. Another call to adventure would be his acceptance into Hogwarts. The refusal to the call is initially done by Harry's uncle Vernon. He purposely hides and destroys Harry's acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Another refusal to the call would be when Hagrid tells Harry he is a wizard and Harry replies "I'm just Harry". Shortly after meeting, Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley, where Harry buys his first wand. Throughout the movie Harry receives more supernatural items such as: a broom stick, cloak of invisibility and an owl. At Hogwarts Harry meets Proffesor Dumbledore. He and Hagrid would become Harry's mentor for the rest of the series. One obstacle for Harry is actually recieving his acceptances letters to Hogwarts another might be finding the platform 9 3⁄4. After purchasing all this school stuff for Hogwarts, Hagrid leaves Harry on the train station and tells him to get on platform 9 3⁄4. Although Harry has a hard time finding the platform, he eventually does when he meets the Weasley family. When Harry hears about Voldemort and the death of his parents, he realizes as "the boy who lived" that he is destined for a journey against Voldemort.As previously mentioned he meets the Ron Weasley at platform 9 3/4 and he also meets Hermione Granger on the train ride to Hogwarts. Another test is when he is being sorted into his house by the sorting hat, hat tries to tempt him into accepting Slytherin by telling "Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness there's no doubt about that”. Even then Harry goes with his instinct and the hat finally sorts him into Gryffindor. Harry's second encounter with the Mirror of Erised, leads him to realization that the mirror shows "nothing more or less than the deepest and most desperate desires ". Another ideal is that Harry is chosen as the youngest Seeker for Gryffindor. Both of these events increased Harry's knowledge and boosted his confidence as a wizard. When the troll is accidentally let loose Harry and Ron go and try to warn Hermoine. Both boys come head to head with troll and eventually defeat the troll. Another event is at Harry's first Quidditch game when his broom is enchanted and he he loses control of it. Nevertheless with the help of Hermoine Harry manages to recover and eventually win the Quidditch match. While in the Forbidden Forest Harry witnesses a hooded figure hunt a unicorn for it's blood. As he is being approached he is saved by a centaur who explains the outcome of drinking a unicorn's blood- a half life. After concluding that the hooded was Voldemort and that he was after the unicorn's blood for its life giving powers and would probably be after the philosopher's stone next Harry decides to look for it as well. As Harry gains confidence he begins to look for clues about where the Philosopher's might be. After Hagrid reveals that its is music that sends Fluffy to sleep Harry realizes that the stone is no longer safe and he and his friends go after it. Throughout the movie Harry's confidence has been boosted and he realizes that he must be the one to retrieve the stone (as he is the chosen one) and face Voldemort. After his confrontation with Quirrel/Voldemort Harry must eventually go back to normal Hogwart's life. When Harry wakes up in Hogwart's infirmary he is visited by Professor Dumbledore, who explains how he was able to find the stone and how he survived Quirrel/ Voldermort's attack. When Harry's mother sacrificed herself for Harry, her love created a mark that although invisible was strong enough to protect Harry a second time against Voldemort's attack. During the House Cup ceremony Slytherin initially won, but due to their courage and bravery Ron and Hermione are awarded fifty points each. Professor Dumbledore decides to award Harry sixty points for "pure love and outstanding courage". All these points go towards Gryffindor and in the end Gryffindor wins the House Cup. The Departure The Initiation The Return
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