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Emeli Avalos

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world! Many people love playing soccer since its a popular sport.Usually now everyone would like to know how to play since it's becoming popular. Soccer When did soccer start? Soccer was first originated in China during the Han Dynasty; though it was also played by the Romans in very early time. These are people from before playing
soccer; the way that they invented it. The Rules of Soccer. Soccer has several rules that you need to follow in order to play. If you don't follow the rules you will eventually get a yellow or a red card. A yellow card is a a caution given to a player for misconduct. 1-The Field of Play A red card is given for a very serious foul that can include spitting at someone, using offensive language to the opponent. A red card also means that the player will immediately be removed from the game and no sub and come in and take his place. The field of play is where soccer is being played on. The field has line markings so that you can know where you are during the game. 2-The Fouls and Misconduct Misconduct is when a player tends to push, kick, or punch his opponent on purpose. A foul is when a player pushes, kicks, or punches the opponent on accident. 3- The Number of players The team can have 10 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper. there can only be a limited number of subs during a game. 4- The players Equipment During a game a player must wear a shirt or jersey, shorts, shin pads, footwear, and socks. both teams must wear different colors so that they can be differentiated. 5- The Duration of The Match Soccer games are cut into two halves. Both halves are 45 mins., they are separated by 15 mins. 6- The Throw In The throw in occurs when the ball goes outside the side lines, the opponent of the player who touched the ball last will take the throw in. 7- Free kicks During free kicks a player will be standing at least 9.5 meters away from where the position of the goal is. Also the player who kicked the ball can't touch it again until one of their teammates touches it. 8- Penalty Kicks Penalty kicks occur when a player commits handball inside the 18 yard box. During a penalty kick there are two players in the game, which are the penalty taker and the opponents goalkeeper. 9- The Corner Kick Scoring Goals The amount of goals that you score decide weather you win or lose. If you score more than your opponents you win the match. Fun Fact The first soccer game ever played was during the 18th century in England. The soccer match was played between England and Scotland. The first Football Association was formed in 1863. football-bible.com http://soccerxperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/soccerxperts-becks.jpg http://goo.gl/PCohh http://goo.gl/pTNB0 http://goo.gl/SmB7v http://goo.gl/Qs23p http://goo.gl/0FmyK http://goo.gl/izAnS http://goo.gl/Dq2eV http://goo.gl/kvp2h http://goo.gl/xouB9 http://goo.gl/mXlUT www.flickr.com soccer-training-guide.com blog.soccerloco.com jbu.edu The ball cannot go out the lines on the side because then it's the opponents ball. The corner kick occurs when the ball passes over the players goal line, with the opponent having to touch the ball last. If the ball is passed over the right line of the goal it will be taken on the left corner this will be the same if passed over the left corner. All the other teammates have to stand outside of the penalty box. Once the ball has been kicked all the other teammates can go for the ball. Credits
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