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skateboarding pro street

just just.....readz the prezi

jarrod norman

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of skateboarding pro street

skateboarding- skateboarding is a fun sport to play but at the same time is a methode for transeportation the first thing you need to know about skateboarding is the parts of a skateboard there is the deck wich is the part you stand on, the trucks which hold the wheels on, griptape wich gives you a grip, the hard were or bolts that keep the trucks in,the wheels ,and the bearing wich keep the wheels in. facts- the skateboard was invinted about 1950 and it had a handle like a modern day scooter
more than 100,000 people a year need medical attintion because of crashes. tricks- some of the most basic tricks are the ollie wich is a regular jump a kickflip a nolli and a pop shuv it the ollie was invinted by a skater named alan gelfand ollie when he slamed his foot down on the back of the board and makeing the board fly in the air the back of the board is cruved and slanted up this is called the kick tail
when the skateboard first came out it had a flat end shaped like a square
larry stevenson invinted the kick tail trucks
the trucks of a skateboard are bolted to the bord and hold the wheels on wheels
the wheels of a skateboard are made out of urethane
another word for urethane is polyurethane
the first urethane wheels came from a rollar blade shop in california
the first wheels for skateboards where made out of clay skate facts
one third of skateboard injuries are from people that dont know how to skate well
half of all enjuries are from irregular surfaces such as rocks
skateboarding has a lower innjurie rate than golf and fishing!!!
skateboards require lots of takeing care of
skate count
about 18 million people own skateboards in the US
the country with the most people owning skateboards is california
85% of all people that own skateboards are under 18 years old
74% of skaters are males
your probly wondering why califorinia has the most skaters its because it was invinted there!!!!
people in california wanted something like surfing to do when there wernt any waves so they put wheels on a board and road down the street
skateboarding is the ground equel of surfing the first decks were 2 by 4`s withs wheals on the bottom the were steel wich made them noisey and hold nor tracktion in popularity by particeipaters sktebioarding is #6 in the world
it is even safer than golf and fishing (less injurie rate) benifits
skateboarding provides a good sorce of physical exersise
it is a fun and challanging thing to do
many people close to 100,000 get injuries on a skateboard every year
the spot that getts hurt the most is the wrist
tou cant just ride any skateboard it has to be made to support your hight and weight
one third of skateboarding accidents are between the first and third weeks of skateing
every year a championship is held and famous skaters like tony halk(first person to do a 900)jereme rodgers skateboarding %
one third of all skateboarding injuries are between the first and third weeks of starting
half of all injuries arefrom ifrom iregular surfaces like rocks of cracks
3/4 of all injurries can be avoided by bailing of the board(learn to bail befor you start skateing and you will get hurt less skateboards are not danjerous if you know how to use them balance
not anyone can use a skateboard children under the age of 5 dont have the balance developed to skateboard
the number one resone people fall of skateboards is they lose there balance and trip safty
bailing will help you be safe if you bail you can roll once u fall and reduce injurie
use a good approved helmate because some wont protect you
buy skateboards that are right and suited for your weight and hight popularitie
in 2003 there were over 20,000 particepants
78% of all skaters are street
22% are vert
skateboarding has been the most active growing youth recreational sport for 5 years
particepants are ages 6-57 the most are 11-19
skateboarding has many partixceipants because you dont need a team and you can do it anywere any time
and you can get started in days biblyography skateboarding facts 1 hot sports links 2010 hot sports links.com 2010 april 11 [http://www.hotsportslinks.com/sports_facts/skateboarding.htm]
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