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No description

Laynie Held

on 23 May 2015

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Transcript of Uber

So How Do We Make Uber Safer?
A little bit about Uber
Uber was founded in 2009 and since has raised more than $5.9M at a valuation over $41M
Uber currently operates in 55 countries and on 6 continents

Current Background Check Process
Uses a third-party agency called Hirease
Three step screening: county, federal, and multi-state checks
Motor Vehicle records
Social Security trace
Screening goes back 7 years
Product Solutions
Emergency panic button
Finger print and drug testing
More in-depth driver ratings similar to "Google Reviews"
Communication Solutions
Regularly promote safety news and tips on main pages
Incorporate humanizing driver videos into app
"Behind the scenes" of the hiring process
"Undercover Boss" and undercover cops
Highlight safety success compared to taxis
UBER as an HRO

Preoccupation with

Reluctance to simplify
Sensitivity to Operations
Commitment to Resilience
Deference to Expertise
Not aware of vulnerability
Bad sense of complacency
Not paying attention to weak signals of failure
How many people took an Uber in the last week? the last 24 Hours?
The Company
Responding to issues through increased communication
Reacting to safety complaints
Deal with nuanced and complex situations
Although they are reacting to past failures,
it seems that Uber is always one step behind.

Uber is currently
, not
Lack of communication with the front line
Unable to have face-to-face contact with every driver
Complacent with domination of market share
Treating past experiences with ambivalence
Quick feedback for minor issues
Too good at resilience
Listen more to riders
Lack of anticipation for the future
Expertise of background checks
Other Existing Measures
Safer Streets
End-to-end insurance
Vehicle standards
Rider Safety
No hailing
Driver profiles
Anonymous feedback
Driver Safety
Cashless transactions
Drivers rate riders
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