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GM green marketing thing

This shows how GM is a green company

Joe Colo

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of GM green marketing thing

GM the greenest company around! What do they do? They are an american car company. Greenwashing? Is the green marketing relevant to their product? Product changes? Their new focus is a leaner greener and more fuel effient car (youtube video) GM did Green wash back in 2007 to 2009 They said they were going to release the car the Volt which could get 40 miles in one electric charge. It still runs by gas but all the gas does is charge the battery, n0t move the wheels. Yes, GM has been making huge step to be called green, as shown on their website. One huge thing they did was sell the hummer to a company called Tengzhong This is a big deal because the hummer was one of their biggest gas consuming cars. The also announced that the volt (when released) will get 230 mpg Working on fuel effient cars. Yes they have made big product changes. Insted of focusing on their big manly cars that had terrible mpg... They are now focusing on making better more fuel efficient cars.
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