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The Lack of Non-binary representation and Why You Should Car

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Max Lincoln

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Lack of Non-binary representation and Why You Should Car

The Lack of Non-binary Representation and Why You Should Care
Reasons II
If these non-binary genders are more known, better protection through law can be obtained, and not only for gender related reasons--eliminating the gender- and sexuality-related workplace laws ( assault rates, mislabeled crimes, gender comfort; Malouf et el)
Due to the nature of gender identity, the total percentage of non-binary individuals out of total population of the country is unknown, but teaching people to be more receptive to change and acceptance would go a long way.
Gender Explanations
Transgender: Identifying with the gender opposite of what one was assigned at birth (Transexual: being born intersex and identifying as a different gender than intergender.
Genderqueer-- can be intergender (identifies as a combination of both genders), genderfluid (switches between identifications), bigender (identifying as both genders at once), or agender/neutrois (identifies as no gender).
These are just the most knownnon-binary genders, there can be more!
Possible Measures to Take:
Rely more heavily on the attention-grabbing, simple flags to help introduce interested people to the ideas of non-binary genders (Transgender and Genderqueer flags)
Reduce attention in the LGBTQA community on the first three letters of the acronym, instead garner interest in the last half (transgender, queer, and asexual/agender/androgynous individuals)
Seperate the ideas of sexuality, sex, and gender from one another at large: they are NOT the same.
Prevent the further "sexualization" of non-binary genders; genders are NOT a kink.
Though most think of gender as a binary division (male and female) there is a wide spectrum that includes various genders besides the two most known groups. The fact that many people do not know that these other identities exist is a problem, because it exacerbates an already problematic social climate. The lack of visibility and resources available for this group leads to several unpleasant ends, like higher crime and harassment rates towards this group and an overall polar social pyramid which lacks equality.
Reasons why YOU should care:
Greater representation leads often to greater understanding-- the idea of a separation of gender and sexuality (German third/lack of gender, India's third gender; Feder)
Supporting the inclusion of different genders makes other gender- or sexuality-related issues more visible--wage wars, feminism, sexual discrimination (Tebbe, Moradi; bisexuality/asexuality and their relation to transgender/neutrois concepts)
What can YOU do?
The most important thing is to respect everyone's identity; if you want to treated well, don't be purposefully rude to those who identify a "weird" gender. A good step to take is to ask what pronouns a person prefers (i.e. she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs, xe/xem/xyr), so that you can refer to them as they would like. Especially if a person is transgender or genderfluid, it can be hurtful to make comments on their appearance having to do with gender (i.e. telling a Female-to-Male transgender person that they look better with breasts than without). Remember, it is hard enough as it is for non-binary people, so kindness on your part can go a long way.
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