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En340 Chaps 10-11 Verbals and Problems with Verbals

infinitives, gerunds, participles

Kevin Griffith

on 6 August 2018

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Transcript of En340 Chaps 10-11 Verbals and Problems with Verbals


Infinitives (function as nouns, adjectives, adverbs, complimentaries)

Gerunds (function as nouns)

Participles (function as adjectives)

to get a beer

He went to get a beer.
Pattern 6

He wanted to get a beer. Pattern 7

The place to get a beer is Joe's bar. Pattern 3

He is going to sneeze in a few seconds. Pattern 6

Function as nouns.

Running is my hobby.

Pattern 3. Subject is the gerund "running."

Function as adjectives

The man standing in the garden is tall.

I shot the man standing in the garden.

I shot the man, standing in the garden.
YOU TRY: Identify the verbal and tell me the pattern of the main clause:

1. Bill decided to think about the decision.

2. My terrible parents beat me to teach me a lesson in respect.

3. Collecting dryer lint is his strange hobby.

4. Weeping in the corner, the robot rusted.
Dangling Verbals

Dangling Participle: Driving drunk, the police pursued the man.

Dangling gerund: After hiking all day, our backpacks were heavy.

Dangling Infinitive:
To make a good cake, the flour must be sifted.

Dangling Elliptical Clause:
While picking his nose, the disgusted teacher ordered the student to stop.
Identify the problem and fix it:

1. To take the test, a number two pencil
must be used by the student.

2. Making a balloon poodle, the children were
impressed by Bozo.

3.Before completing the exam, the evaluation
form must be filled out.

4. Holding the gun tightly, the target came into view,and the assassin fired.
Neil, what were you thinking?
What is the difference?

His hobby is running.

His engine is running.
Problems with verbals. THE DANGLING MOD

Jim walked down High Street.

Eddie George's Bar came into view.

Walking down High Street, Eddie George's Bar came into view.
Growing up in Michigan, my goal was to become a lawyer.

After being detained for three hours, the police finally released my client.
Other problems with verbals

We found that Bob picking his nose was a distraction during the trial.

What is wrong with that sentence?

When items occur in a list, they must all be of the same grammatical category:

I enjoy running, swimming, and to jog.

Two gerunds, one infinitive. You lose.


both/and neither/nor either/or not only/but also

Not only did Bob kill his mother, but also his father was stabbed by him.


Bob not only
his mother but also
his father.


He wanted
to quickly run
to the store.


Each student who enters Columbus Alternative High School excels in college level coursework and graduates from CAHS with scholarships,
passionate, open-minded and prepared to thrive as a contributing global citizen in college and beyond.
And if a double-decker bus
Crashes into us,
To die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die
Identify the infinitive and tell me its

1. Jennie left the party to go home.

2. The place to get your transcript is
the Registrar's Office.

3. Since Bill desired to kiss Mary, he
puckered his lips.

4. I am going to get sick soon.
Comma or no comma with a participle?

1. He escaped the car falling over a cliff.

2. He left the party plastered.

3. He put the baby in the crib glowing
with parental pride.
Where is the gerund or gerund phrase in the following sentences:

1. It is a weird hobby, but Bob likes collecting rare moths.

2. My mother beat me for chewing gum in church.

3. Growing rare molds has become a popular hobby.
1. Not only was Bob a terrible tennis player
but also soccer was not something in which he
was competent.

2. Our students excel in athletic pursuits, and another area is academic coursework.

3. Our goals include the following: gaining factual knowledge in history, proficiency in writing, and demonstrating critical thinking.

4. Not only did economists fail to predict inflation but also a recession was not in their predictions.

5. We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but good people should be faulted for their appalling silence as well. (Martin Luther King)
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