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CrossRoads Kids K-6

No description

CrossRoads Kids K-6

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of CrossRoads Kids K-6

Defining Our Leaders
Our programs are entirely dependent on the participation of dedicated people with servant hearts. We are looking for a strong, consistent Serve Team of about 100 people. We encourage parents to become involved and become certified Serve Team members. Certified Leaders serve twice each month with the same team. This is so that we can create a strong community within the teams that promotes healthy relationship building, and so that the children know each person and can feel safe and at home within that consistency.

In order to become a certified volunteer, we ask that you complete the following paperwork:
1. Serve Team Application Form
2. Criminal Record Check
Certified Leaders serve on either the 1st and 3rd Sunday Team or the 2nd and 4th Sunday Team at one service each Sunday.
We have the following teams:
Week 1+3 - 9:00 Week 1+3 - 11:00 Week 1+3 - 6:30 Week 2+4 - 9:00 Week 2+4 - 11:00 Week 2+4 - 6:30

Each team has a Team Lead, or a set of Team Leads. These people will communicate with team throughout the week and will facilitate team meetings on Sunday mornings. Please feel free to contact your Team Lead with any questions, suggestions or concerns that you might have.
Leader Arrival
We ask that Leaders arrive 30 minutes before the service begins. Upon arrival, please sign in using KidCheck or the Volunteer Binder that stays on the Welcome Desk, then make your way to Room 202 for our Leaders Meeting. This meeting allows us time to connect as a team, go over the lesson, have a snack and pray together. This also allows time for the Serve Team to settle into the classrooms before the children arrive. All of the materials that you will require will already be placed in the classroom. We will let you go in time to be in the classroom 15 minutes before the start of service in order to greet and settle the children as they come in the class.
Serve Team Absence
If you are going to be away on a Sunday, we ask that you find a replacement that can cover your role. This may require swapping with someone on another team or perhaps asking a family member or a friend. If you have tried your best to find a replacement and have not had success, please inform your Team Lead as soon as possible. The Team Lead will contact a CrossRoads Kids Staff member, and we will work with you to fill your role.
Parent Partnership
Here at CrossRoads Kids...
We will love, inspire and walk alongside families as we point them towards giving their hearts and lives to Jesus. By living into God’s Big Story we will compassionately impact our world.
Our Children's Ministry desires to reach all families and connect each one into community. We want to partner with parents, by helping and inspiring them as they primarily lead these children in knowing Jesus. We look forward to getting to know our families as they participate in our ministry. We encourage parents to serve at least once every 3 months in their child's classroom as a Parent Guest so that they can be a part of their child's learning and so they can see how much fun we have learning about God in CrossRoads Kids!
Some notes on name tags:
please ask the children to keep them on their chest, where a name tag generally goes.
if you notice a child is here for the first time, please highlight their tag so we are aware and can make their experience extra special.
Thank you for serving with CrossRoads Kids!
Who we are and what we care about.
Living Godly Lives
We aim to create a positive, loving, encouraging and welcoming environment that will point kids to Jesus. Through encountering Jesus and His Word, we will all be empowered to live godly lives. Further, our Children's Ministry desires to partner with parents by helping and inspiring them as they raise their children to know Jesus and to live godly lives.
Loving Each Other Deeply
We believe that CrossRoads Kids and the Serve Teams should show love for each other as Christ commanded (Matthew 22:30; 1 John 3:18). Some ways we do this include welcoming children and families individually, praying for each other and celebrating life events together.
Reaching Out to Others
CrossRoads Kids will spend time and effort showing Jesus' love to other kids/adults that might be left out, sad or struggling here at CrossRoads, in Red Deer, and around the world.
Responding Through Worship
We will provide space for children to hear from and respond to the Holy Spirit. There will be weekly times of quiet listening and responding through worship.
Here at CrossRoads Kids...
What we do and the people that make it work.
Our Staff
- Brenda Boyce -
Pastor to K-6 Families
- Jaqi Tiechroeb -
Curriculum Prep Coordinator/CR Kids Admin
- Melissa Kooiker -

Elementary Children's Ministry Curriculum Coordinator
- Marcia Bowler -
Admin Support for Volunteers
- Dallas Callaway -
Kids Welcome Ministry Lead
-Shauna Giesbrecht-

Elementary Children's Ministry Serve Team Coordinator
Our Curriculum
Our elementary ministry has chosen a chronological curriculum called "Tru" where kids journey through "The Big God Story" from Genesis to Revelation every year. Kids understand that they not only play a part in this incredible story, but are also part of a much larger faith community of past, present and future believers. They are taught how Jesus Christ is the cornerstone, and how God's plan involved Jesus from the beginning through to eternity for those who put their faith in Him.
The TRU Philosophy:
1. Family is Primary:
God's design for faith replication is through the context of the family (Deuteronomy 6; Psalm 78) while the church plays a supportive/equipping role to this endeavor (Ephesians 4:12).
2. Spiritual Formation:
Kids need a strong foundation of biblical knowledge in an environment where they can encounter the living God. Children open their hearts to God, learn to discern His voice, have a desire to obey Him, and do so in the power of the Holy Spirit (Philippians 2:13)
3. Holy Spirit is the Teacher:
Parents and leaders have the opportunity to create "environments" where the Holy Spirit is free to move, teach and lead (John 14:26)
4. Authority of Scripture:
The Bible is God's truth for daily living. God's Word holds instructions and inspiration that guides children to know God and interpret their lives through the lens of His will (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
5. The Big God Story:
"The Big God Story" is God's ENTIRE story. It incorporates all of history, stretching from Genesis to Revelation and beyond. Kids understand that they not only play a part in this incredible story, but are also part of a much larger faith community of past, present, and future believers.
6. God-Centered:
Because the Big God Story is one story with the emphasis on God's love and redemption through Jesus (Colossians 1:20), rather than the supporting cast in any given storyline, each lesson highlights God Himself (e.g. "God is Victorious" rather than "David and Goliath.")
7. Ministry Support:
Tru equips children's ministry leaders with practical tools to help parents build confidence and become more involved in the spiritual development of their children. Each lesson includes an "Equip" section to give leaders background information on the biblical context of the lesson.
Our Program
Elementary Ministry is composed of two areas: Kindergarten to Grade 4 (K-4) and Grades 5 and 6 (56ers)
K-4 Program Overview
Our K-4 programs run at all 3 Sunday services. Each grade has their own classroom during the morning services (some grades are combined during the evening service) with at least 2 leaders per class. We highly value creating opportunities for children to encounter Jesus, God's Word, and teh Holy Spirit through engaging, age appropriate lessons and activities. There is small group time in the classroom at the beginning of the service (to introduce the lesson) and at the end (to respond to the Holy Spirit), with a large group segment in the Theatre during the middle of the day's program. Other components include review "festivals" about every 6 weeks (called Remember and Celebrate Days), weekly live worship, and scripture memorization.
56er Program Overview
Our 56er program run at all 3 Sunday services. In 56ers, we highly value personal relationships and creating a place for the kids to go deeper in their understanding and experience of God.All kids are placed into sall groups of girls or boys led by an adult leader. There is a small group time at the beginning of the service to introduce the discussion of the lesson and at the end to respond to the Holy Spirit. We also value having fun experience together to facilitate the development of lasting relationships between kids and leaders.

Serve Sunday: In months that have 5 Sundays, we spend the fifth Sunday serving in ministries around CrossRoads Church. There is no other program for 56ers those days and the kids are encouraged to sign up to serve in a CrossRoads Kids Clasroom, on the Welcome Team, Ushering, at the Connecting Point, etc.

Events: There are frequent 56er events that happen outside of Sunday mornings, which families are encouraged to attend and help organize. These are opportunities for families to connect with one another, as we desire to have a strong 56er community. Leaders are also welcome and encouraged to come as it is a great opportunity to meet the parents of the kids in your group.
Here at CrossRoads Kids...
What Sunday mornings look like and what your role will be each week.
Here at CrossRoads Kids...
What it means to be a CrossRoads Kids Leader.
During the Week
Please read over the lesson for the week you are serving, as well as the Bible passage before you come to serve. As you do so, please pray for the children in your classroom at least once throughout the week
Our Program
In the TRU Curriculum we use for our lessons, there are many different sections that incorporate both large group and small group time, games, crafts, time to get to know each other, and especially time to worship the Lord through responding to Him. The curriculum labels the sections Anticipate, Celebrate, Respond, Bless, and Engage. Here is a brief breakdown of how a Sunday morning usually goes following these headings.
Anticipate (9:00 - 9:20 // 11:00 - 11:20 // 6:30-6:50)
This is the first 20 minutes in the classroom. This time is extremely important as it is in these moments that you as the classroom leader will greet the children and build anticipation for the lesson. Each week, there is a Welcome Activity that will be set up in the classrooms as the kids arrive. It is related in some way to the Ponder Point for that. For the first 10 minutes, kids are encouraged to engage in the Welcome Activity and come see you to fill out their Reward Card. Please make sure a CD of music containing current memory verse songs and worship selections is playing in the rooms. This is often the best time for you to learn about the kids in your class by asking questions. After 10 minutes of connecting, you will introduce the Ponder Point for the week, pray and read the Bible story with the kids.
TRU Vocabulary: Ponder Point
This is what we call the main message for the lesson (e.g. "God is Good", "Jesus is the Lord of Life"). There is a new Ponder Point each week and it is the main message that we take from the Bible Story. The Ponder Points all hang on a clothesline in the Theatre and in the 56er Room.
Celebrate (9:20 - 9:55 // 11:20 - 11:55 //6:50 - 7:25)
This portion of the service is in the Theatre. There will be a welcome from the Team Lead, followed by a Storyteller who will teach an 8-10 minute lesson from the Bible that displays our Ponder Point. We have many Storytellers who will present the lessons throughout the year. Approximately once each month, we have a storytelling video. Following the lesson, the worship band will engage the kids in worshiping through music for approximately 15 minutes. During this time, please sit among your class, model appropriate Theatre behavior, ensure they are paying attention and respecting the Storyteller, Team Lead and the worship band. Please feel free to use non verbal cues to redirect their attention or to help keep them sitting still and engaging with the person up front. If at all possible, please keep the kids from leaving the Theatre to go to the washroom during Large Group time, and please don't allow them to go get drinks. It is distracting for the speaker and it keeps the kids from enjoying the full Theatre experience with the rest of their classmates.
Respond (9:55 - 10:05 // 11:55 - 10:05 // 7:25 - 7:35)
The Respond time is when CrossRoads Kids have the opportunity to think about and respond to what they have learned. This involves a variety of different things. Often there will be worship response opportunities or discussion questions to guide the children to respond to what God is teaching them. Sometimes there are crafts or games as well. This is the time where the kids are reviewing the lesson and applying their learning to their lives. As a leader, your role in this time is to model how children should respond. Lead by being quiet, by participating in the response, and by facilitating in any way necessary (e.g. handing out supplies, praying with children, keeping the mood in the classroom calm, etc.).
Bless (10:00 // 12:00 // 7:30)
As children begin to finish the Respond time, we pray a blessing of scripture over them. The blessing is included in the curriculum. This involves kids stopping what they are doing, holding their palms up in front of them, and silently listening to the blessing you are reading to them. If there are parents in the room, encourage them to join in.
TRU Vocabulary: Worship Response
This is a time where we are able to give the kids space to respond to what God is teaching them. This often happens through stations that leaders will lead the kids through following the teaching. We do this so that kids can learn to hear God's voice and can grow deeper in their personal relationships with Him.
Engage (10:05 - End // 12:05 - End // 7:35- End)
These final moments in the classroom are dedicated to having fun and being creative with the kids. This usually involves a game or a craft. As a leader, your job will be to facilitate game play or the making of a craft that will reflect the Ponder Point. Be creative - if you want to add to the game to make it better, feel free! Have a good time with the kids - we deeply desire them to have fun and enjoy coming to CrossRoads Kids and learning about God!
Our highest priority for the children in our care is first and foremost their safety. As such, we have guidelines and procedures in place that must be adhered to in order to ensure a safe environment for children to learn about God.
Check In and Check Out
As children begin to arrive, engage them and their parents as they come in the room. Ensure that each child has a name tag on printed from the KidCheck system. These name tags include information you will need throughout the service:

Across the top, you can read the child's first and last name. The number in the top right corner matches a Guardian tag the parents receive at the same time the name tag is printed, and will be used to safely identify that the child is going home with the same person that checked them in. This number can also be used to page parents sitting in the Sanctuary or Cafe should the child need them for any reason. You also see the child's grade, birthday, the name of their guardian, the location the guardian could be found in in case of emergency and some other information about the child. The image on the name tag matches the image on the guardian tag (the seahorse in this case, though each tag is slightly different) and is simply a tool to help you verify that the guardian tag and child tags match. Finally, should the child have allergies, health concerns or special needs entered in their KidCheck profile, the top bar of the name tag, where the child's name is will have a black background with the child's name in white lettering to indicate such concerns. The specific allergy, condition or special need should be noted just below the child's name.
When the parent comes to pick up the child, please ensure that the number on the guardian tag matches the number on the child's tag, remove the child's name tag (officially releasing them from our care), then encourage the family to exit through the "Out" door.
Farewell until next week!
As parents pick up their children, please meet them at the "Out" door. Please match their guardian tags to their child's name tag, remove the child's tag, then give each parent a HomeFront Weekly devotional sheet, a Remember Verse card, and any additional information they may need. Encourage the kids to share the Ponder Point they learned about during the service with their parents.
TRU Vocabulary: HomeFront Weekly
This small devotional is designed for families to take home and work through together during the week. Each Sunday we hand out the devotional, which will pre-teach the lesson for the following Sunday. This empowers the parents to be the primary spiritual leaders to their children, and allows us to support them in doing so.
Plan to Protect
In order to protect children and leaders and ensure that we are providing a fun, safe, loving environment for everyone on a Sunday morning, we adhere to the following Plan to Protect Guidelines in order to maintain the highest standard of safety:
1. Two Leaders: A minimum of two leaders must be present in a room at all times.
2. Washroom Guidelines: Leaders escort children to the washroom and wait outside (in Season's Corner) until the child is finished and walk them back to their classroom. Please not that if your classroom only has two leaders, the Team Lead, staff members and the CrossRoads Kids Greeter are available to take kids to the washroom. Kindergarten and Grade 1 children are to use the washrooms in the 56er hallway.
3. Appropriate Touch: Physical contact with children should be age and developmentally appropriate. All touch must be done in view of others. Please do not allow children to sit on your lap.
4. Discipline: Discipline does not mean punishment. Deal with situations individually. Explain to the child why they behavior is unacceptable and be a friend to the child as you kindly discuss this with them. Give positive reinforcement and focus more on giving positive feedback for good behavior rather than focusing on what they should not be doing. What we do expect is that children are kind to others, use God-honouring behaviors and language, and obey their leaders. When possible, in the Theatre, please use non-verbal cues as much as you are able, as verbal correction can be distracting.
5. Open Doors: If, in an extreme case, it happens that one leader is alone in a room with children, the door to that room must remain open.
6. Leader Identification: All leaders must wear a name tag. Parent and uncertified volunteers can wear a "Guest Serve" tag. These are available at the KidCheck sign in station. Regular volunteers will have a lanyard with their name and picture as soon as they have submitted all paperwork to Marcia.
7. Inform Team Lead: If a difficult situation arises or a child divulges critical information about home life, please inform your Team Lead or a CrossRoads Kids staff member. Pastor Brenda's cell phone number is (403) 318 5540.
In Case of Emergency
Fire / General Alarm
Tell the children "Follow me."
Take the list from the plastic holder mounted on the cupboard by the OUT door of each room. Take the flag for your grade from the top of the cabinet by the OUT door.
Lead the children out the nearest exit.
Once outside, gather with the children in the east field, sitting together with their leaders.
Leader will check attendance and raise their flag when all children are accounted for.
If parents come to the area where their children are gathered, they are permitted to stay with their children, but please do not release any children to their parents at this time.
CrossRoads Kids staff and Team Leads will sweep the Children's Ministry Area to ensure no one is left behind, then will proceed out to the field to ensure all are accounted for, and will give instructions for further action.

Medical Emergency
Please notify a Team Lead or CrossRoads Kids Staff member if you are aware of a medical concern for one of the children in your class. They will take the next reasonable step to ensure the situation is taken care of. If Emergency Medical Services are required, call 911 and immediately notify the Team Lead and CrossRoads Kids Staff.
-Ashten Blain-

CrossRoads Kids Summer Student
We are so thankful for your servant heart and for the love you have for God's little ones! We pray that He would bless you for your commitment and joyful attitude in serving, and that you would receive great joy and life from serving with CrossRoads Kids! Thanks for being on our team! This is going to be the Best Year Ever!
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