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Aiyana's Leadership Roadmap

No description

Aiyana Sharpe

on 31 August 2017

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Transcript of Aiyana's Leadership Roadmap

I take the initiative a lot in group activities, this is a good quality to have as a leader. Leading by example can help others in your group to do the same.
Strength 2
Another one of my strengths is that I move the group towards a specific vision. This vision will help the group accomplish the goal.
I also ask group members their opinion. It is always good to get different inputs. This could also make the group members feel more involved.
I lack empathy when dealing with people. This is something I need because it is important to be understanding.

Aiyana's Leadership Roadmap
I can be very bossy sometimes and this can cause conflict in groups. Conflict can affect the ending product.
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Leadership Goal:
My goal as a leader is to become less bossy and more empathetic to my group members. By doing this, it will keep harmony in the group.
Sometimes I move to
for my team members and have problems with understanding that everyone doesn't work at the same pace that I do.
How I Plan on Improving My Weaknesses and Making My Strengths Even Stronger
I will work on my people skills and try very hard to empathize with others. I will try to be more understanding about certain situations, to keep harmony in the group.
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