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Mike C

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Sarcasm


Now you know when someone is being sarcastic!
Facial Expressions
and Sarcasm
Context and Social
When listening for sarcasm it's very important to think of present context - sarcasm is generally used to describe the
of what's actually happening.
Sarcasm amongst friends is meant to be funny but is inappropriate with employers and may be rude with strangers.
If you are not sure if a person's being sarcastic, just ask!
What were these men talking about in the beginning?
What do their facial expressions tell us?
Facial Cues
Disgusted Facial
The Eyes
Sarcasm is dangerous!
What is sarcasm?
Discuss your experience of sarcasm with your classmates.
In your Culture?
Is it rude? Funny?
How is it viewed by others?
How often is it used?
Using Tones to be Sarcastic
In U.S. Culture?
Understanding sarcasm is very important!
With a partner, discuss four other meanings of the sentence based on stressing the words “she, I, my, and money.”
You don't have to use sarcasm if you don't want!
We just want you to be
The Three Main Cues
Tone and Stress
Facial Expressions
Context - Understanding the present condition

When appropriate, most Americans respond to sarcasm by laughing or with another sarcastic comment.
"Nice job"
I never said she "stole" my money.
When we stress the word "stole," we put importance on that word and suggest a different action.
I said she "borrowed" my money.
"I never said she stole my money."
High-Pitched Delivery
May stress some words and hold them for longer than normal

The whole sentence's pitch is higher than normal

For example, a speaker drops their homework in a puddle and says "well that’s just great.”
The speaker's emphasis on "that" is talking about the action of dropping the papers. We can tell by the tone that the speaker is being sarcastic.
Class Activity!
Comic Strips
Discuss with your group: is your comic sarcastic?

If they are, how can they tell? What are the cues?

If they aren’t, how can they tell? What influenced their decision.
https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=raVqiQhU-Fw
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