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About Milliken & Company

No description

tiffany duncan

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of About Milliken & Company

Reducing odor
improving comfort
in sports gear, shoes, uniforms, and hunting garments
Making restaurant and hotel linens
stain resistant
easier to clean
, and
longer lasting
Making your mattresses
In the military uniforms and industrial workwear that
protect wearers from flame
extreme weather conditions
In the bandages that
help wounds heal faster
Improving Health, Safety and Environmental Impact
lightweight strength
In helmets, playground equipment, watercraft and race car air dams
Eliminating wasted space
in fiber optic cable conduit
Longer, lighter
wind turbine blades that capture more wind
fire protection
to concrete structures
Enhancing roofing products for
greater strength
wind resistance

Founded in 1865
(headquartered in Spartanburg, SC since 1958)
~7,000 associates
(~3,000 associates in South Carolina)
Over 30,000 products
Manufacturing in 6 countries
(~15 sites in South Carolina)
Operations throughout Americas, Europe and Asia
Making bathroom sinks, countertops, tubs and appliances

Making food storage containers

Adding color
to detergents, sponges, bowling balls and washable paints and markers

strong plastic parts
in your household appliances

sustainable carpet cleaners

Technologies to improve comfort, durability and fire performance in textiles

Leverage the unique qualities of silicones in protective coatings (e.g. LED’s)

Technologies that enhance lightweight, strength, damage tolerance and blast protection for materials used in transportation, wind and infrastructure

Technologies to improve antistatic, surface modification and removal of hazardous materials in filtration markets

New ways to improve the performance, properties and attributes of thermoplastic physical properties, efficiencies, sustainability and aesthetics.
What We are Looking For
Clearer, More Colorful, Lighter Weight & More Sustainable
Kevin Weir • 864-503-6090 • Kevin.Weir@Milliken.com
Connect with Milliken
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