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Violent Crime

No description

Hannah Ledlie

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Violent Crime

Levels of Violent Crime - Overview
Overall decrease since the mid-90s
Rate of decrease has slowed in recent years
1.3 million violent incidents recorded in England and Wales in 2015 by CSEW

Victims of Violent Crime
Hannah Ledlie
Young People
Office for National Statistics (2012):
3% of adults the victim of some form of violence compared to
...8.4% of young people 16-24
...11% of young men
Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW):

A violent crime involves wounding or assault.
Both 'completed and attempted incidents' are included in their records
Additional breakdown of 'violence with injury' and 'violence without injury'
Ranges from minor assaults e.g. pushing and shoving, to murder
CSEW replaced British Crime Survey. Face-to-face interviews with aprox. 35,000 adults and 3000 children asking about their experiences of crime in the past year
186,000 violent crimes recorded in Scotland by Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS)
According to CSEW and SCJS levels of violent crime have barely changed since 2013
Reliability of Violent Crime Statistics
Large discrepancy between CSEW and SCJS findings and police reported crime
2014 report found that the police fail to record 1 in 3 violent crimes reported to them
The Association of Chief Police Officers:
Workload pressures
Inadequate supervision
CSEW 2014: 2 in every 100 adults a victim of violent crime
Who is most at risk?
Young people (particularly males)
Mentally ill
Women in relationships
‘Violent crimes are a crime of opportunity...When you put yourself out there, you have provided the opportunity.’

- Dr Tod Burke, Radford University, Virginia
Young people spend more time in locations with higher levels of crime than older people.

Culture of fear in deprived areas with high crimes rates, leading young people to carry weapons for protection
Mentally Ill
Gender Divide
Effects of Violent Crime on Victims
England and Wales (2013/2014): 37,484 race hate crimes and 2,273 religious hate crimes
52,000 hate crimes in England and Wales in 2014/15; an 18% increase from last year
EU (2008): Nearly 1/5 of Roma and Sub-Saharan Africans suffered serious harassment at least once in the past 12 months
Ministry of Justice (2010): 22% of BME children and 14% of White children reported that they avoided travelling on buses at certain times of the day due to concerns about safety
Anti-Islam hate attacks tripled in London following Paris attacks
Mind (mental health charity):

People with mental health problems are
• three times more likely to be a victim of crime than general population
• five times more likely to be a victim of assault (10 times more likely for women)
• more likely to be a repeat victim and experience different types of crime
• far less likely to be satisfied with the service and support they receive

Victim Support UK:

• finding it hard to believe what has happened, and feeling numb
• feeling deeply upset
• feeling that your life is completely out of control
• physical symptoms such as ‘the shakes’, sleeplessness or crying all the time
• extreme anger towards your attacker
• self-blame for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Other effects include:
Physical injury such as cuts and bruises
Homicides against men are more likely to be committed by a friend or acquaintance whereas for women it is most likely to be committed by a partner or ex-partner.
Four times as many women as men are killed by a current or former partner. Two women a week are killed as a result of domestic violence in England and Wales
68% of homicide victims male
Perceptions of Violent Crime
Nearly two-thirds of people believe that crime in England and Wales is on the rise despite levels falling to their lowest for 30 years in 2010
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