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Tropo Intro

How To : Tropo

Willow Brugh

on 5 September 2010

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Transcript of Tropo Intro

Phone Calls and Conferencing * Pay as you go
* Phone numbers in 30 countries
* Unlimited developer usage
* No software or hardware needed Call Any Phone Number call('tel:+1' + numberToDial);
say('This is your 7am wakeup call.');
hangup(); answer
result = ask "For store hours, say hours or press 1. For location and directions, say directions or press 2.", {"choices" => "hours (hours, 1), directions (directions, location, 2)"}
if result.name == "timeout" or result.name == "badChoice"
transfer storeNumber
hangup question play audio transfer reject join conference <?php
say('Listen to this great music.');
?> text text text person person person person person person person person answer();
// Your conference ID
confid = "1234";
conference(confid); Good to know

* International dialing and phone numbers require a paid account
* Outside the US? You can test with Skype or SIP if you don't want to make an international call.You can pick a toll-free number or local numbers in 31 countries
Want a number somewhere that Tropo doesn't service? Contact support and we'll try and get you one.

Read all the FAQs

Sample application
Want to play more? Flip through the code of our sample conferencing application. Sending and Receiving SMS * Two-way SMS from any number
* Free for development use
* Start sending and receiving in mere minutes
* Simple APIs in languages you already know Use Any Phone Number answer
say "Here's the weather in " + currentCall.initialText <?php
call('tel:+1' + number, array('channel' => text, 'network' => 'sms'));
say("The home team just scored. It's now 6-3.");
?> Good to know

Only US Tropo numbers can send and receive SMS
You can send messages to and get messages from numbers anywhere in the world from your US number.
You can send up to 10 messages per minute with Tropo
It's a carrier limit, sorry. Need more? Contact us about a shortcode.

Got more questions? Check the FAQs.

Sample application

Want to play more? Flip through the code of our Woot! Alerter! <?php
say('Yes, Tropo is this easy.');
// Yup, that's it!
?> where to next? International * Voice recognition in 8 languages
* Local phone numbers in over 30 counties
* Text to speech in multiple dialects and accents IM
Phone Calls
Transcribe calls
Conference calls
Voice Recognition Tutorials
* Phone calls and conferencing
* Multi-lingual Voice Recognition
* IM and Twitter Sample Code
* Voicemail system
* Click to Call
* Local restaurant search Say It say('Bonjour, le monde!', {voice: 'florence'}); // Female french voice Voice Recognition <?php
$options = array(
'choices' => '[3 digits]',
'recognizer' => 'es-mx', // Mexican Spanish
'voice' => 'carlos' // Ask in a male Spanish voice
ask('¿Cuántos años tienes?', $options);
?> * Recognition: en-gb for British English or en-us for US English
* Voices: Kate (British female), Simon (British male), Jill (US female), or
Dave (US male.

* Recognition: es-es for Castillian Spanish or es-mx for Mexican Spanish
* Voices: Carmen (Castillian female), Jorge (Castilian male), Soledad
(Mexican female), or Carlos (Mexican male)

* Recognition: fr-fr for French or fr-ca for French Canadian
* Voices: Florence (female) or Bernard (male)

* Recognition: de-de
* Voices: Katrin (female) or Stefan (male)

* Recognition: it-it
* Voices: Paola (female) or Luca (male)

* Recognition: nl-nl
* Voices: Saskia (female) or Wilem (male)

* Recognition: pl-pl
* Voices: Zosia (female) or Krzysztof (male) Good to Know:
Only US Tropo numbers can send and receive SMS
You can send messages to and get messages from numbers anywhere in the world from your US number. Voice Recognition is extra
English recognition is free, other languages cost a little extra. Spanish French German Italian Dutch Polish English
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