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Rizal in Belgian Brussels

A report in the life of Dr. Jose Rizal

Nicole John Tomes

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Rizal in Belgian Brussels

Rizal in Belgian Brussels
* The cost of living in Paris was very high because of the universal exposition.
Two reasons why Rizal leave Paris.
* Gay social life of the city hampers his literary works, especially the writing of his second novel, El Filibusterismo
Rizal was accompanied by
Life in Brussels
Jose Albert
when he moved to Brussels.
Rizal's Boarding House now at 42 Rue Philippe de Champagne (formerly no. 38, changed due to renumbering.)
It was run by the two Jaceby Sisters; Suzanne and Marie.
Jose Alejandro.
Later, Jose Albert left the city,
and was replaced by
an engineering student,
Rizal wrote articles for
family and friends.
Rizal spent his time in
Medical Clinic
gymnastics at the Gymnasium
target practice & fencing
at the armory
published on March 30, 1889 in reply to Patricio de la Escosura
1. A La Defensa (To La Defensa, April 30, 1889)
2. La Verdad Para Todos (The Truth For All)
May 31, 1889
3. Vicente Barrantes' Teatro Tagalo
June 15, 1889
July 31, 1889
4. Una Profanacion (A Profanation)
5. Verdades Nuevas (New Truths)
July 31, 1889
* reply to Vicente Belloc Sanchez's La Patria
6. Crueldad (Cruelty)
August 15, 1889
7. Diferencias (Differences)
September 15, 1889
8. Inconsequencias (Inconsequences)
November 30, 1889. A defense of Antonio Luna against Pablo Mir Deas in Barcelona's newspaper El Soberano.
November 30, 1889
9. Llanto y Risas (Tears and Laughters)
10. Ingratitudes (Ingratitude)
January 15, 1890
Gov. Valeriano Weyler
Calamba, Laguna
"should not allow themselves to be deceived by the vain promises of their ungrateful sons."
New Orthography of
Tagalog Language
study of correct spelling: the study of established correct spelling; study of how letters are arranged: the study of letters of an alphabet and how they occur sequentially in words
Leipzig. Rizal adopted the Filipinized Tagalog Orthography.
(The New Orthography of the Tagalog Language)
Sobre La Nueva Ortografia de la
Lengua Tagala
- published in La Solidaridad
- laid down the rule of the new Tagalog Orthography
credits were given to Dr. Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera
Filipinos in Spain were destroying the good name of their nation by gambling.
Rizal Criticizes
Madrid Filipinos for Gambling
reported by:
Valentin Ventura & Juan Luna
Madrid, Spain.
Old Rizal House
Antonio Lopez
(husband of Narcisa)
Silvestre Ubaldo
(husband of Olimpia)
Manuel Hidalgo
(husband of Satrunina)
Letter from Brussels.
Preparation to Go Home
Ferdinand Blumetritt
Jose Ma. Basa
Mariano Ponce
Decision to go to Madrid
Madrid, Spain.
To My Muse
Summertime Festival of Belgium
Romance with Petite Jacoby
Suzanne "Petite Jacoby"
Articles Published in La Solidaridad
defense of his oppressed people & to point out the evils of the Spanish rule in the
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